Friday, June 02, 2023

June To-Do

 It's the rhyming month for to-do lists, hurrah. Here's how the design wall looks at the beginning of the month. Filled up with the recently basted Japanese Houses quilt. Onto the to-do's then:

Sew-A-Long Thingies

Trinket - keep piecing blocks, cut background squares

Color Collective - Sandwich the Slopes Quilt, make another side for the Clover Pillow with Swerves, start cutting for Colorwash

Stitch Happens - sandwich, quilt, bind, label.

Pantone Project - keep making blocks and sending postcards.

Temperature Quilt - keep making blocks and post about it.

Secret Lives of Colors- finish making blocks and post about it.

Added: Participate in ICAD

New Work

Mini-Quilt for SBAMQG using a word(s) in some manner. Due at next week's meeting 6/4

A Hot One to celebrate the Color of the Year, Viva Magenta

Stitch Punk and Fierce Planets - both SAQA exhibits

Finish It Up

Sightlines Triptych - make and hand sew on hanging sleeves and labels.

Y.E.S. Coat - make more blocks and pieces.

Orange Bullseye - quilt, bind, label

Japanese Houses -quilt bind, label

Quilt Photography - Still need to get it done, because I'll be needing the photos to enter a couple of upcoming shows and to update my website. Plus I really need the space back in my workroom.

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Jaye said...

I think you need to send some quilts out. I know you can definitely do the quilting, but you seem to have a backlog.