Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Halfway Through January


Sewing has commenced on the Temperature quilt. Beginning with January 1st. I got setup with a little mini pressing station right next to my machine. Including the clapper for extra pressed-open seams.

Don't mind the water spots, only temporary. Boy is it ever not fun sewing black on black like this. Remind me never to do this again. My eyes have either seriously deteriorated or I need more direct lighting. 
The accuracy of the speciality ruler cut out pieces is really working out for me.
Here's day one of January represented. How exciting to finally begin.

Onto January 2nd!
Here's how the first week of January looks.
A lot left to go for the month.
I stopped sewing for the evening once I reached day 15. It's going pretty slowly together, but I'm trying to stitch slowly and accurately so that the column doesn't get bendy or off.

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