Thursday, October 12, 2017

Seems Appropriate

"Who I am is certainly part of how I look and vice versa. I want to know where I begin and end, what size I am, and what suits me… I am not “in” this body, I am this body. Waist or no waist. 
But all the same, there’s something about me that doesn’t change, hasn’t changed, through all the remarkable, exciting, alarming, and disappointing transformations my body has gone through. There is a person there who isn’t only what she looks like, and to find her and know her I have to look through, look in, look deep. Not only in space, but in time." - Ursula K. LeGuin

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Q4 FAL - Herein Lies A List

Here I am finally jumping into this group commitment to finishing quilts idea, better late than never, right? I've seen it on my Instagram feed during the last year, and it seems like a good idea.
So here goes!

My proposed finishing list for the 4th Quarter of the 2017 Finish-A-Long is:

  1. Solstice Quilt - Finish piecing backing and make binding, have it quilted, finish stitching down binding and label.
  2. Bullseye Swamp Quilt - coming back from being quilted this week, just need to finish the binding and label in time for a gift.
  3. Blue Cherrywood Challenge - Finish stitching down facing, label and hanging sleeve.
  4. False Flag Sorbet - Hanging sleeve and label.
  5. Warmest Condolences - Quilt for SAQA Loaded Conversations show, some fabric pieces made, print more, tags embellished, assemble, quilt, bind, hanging sleeve, label.
  6. Italian ABC - Assemble, quilt, bind, label in time for Xmas gift.
  7. Color Collusion - Finish quilting, bind, hanging sleeve, label.
  8. Between the Cypress - Design on remaining applique, finish quilting, embellish, bind, hanging sleeve, label
  9. Technology's Spine - Finish quilting, embellish, bind, hanging sleeve, label
  10. Line Layer - Applique, add more layers, quilting, embellish, binding, hanging sleeve, label
  11. Taking My Lumps - Add more beading, finish quilting, hanging sleeve, label.
  12. Harvest - Hanging sleeve, label.
  13. Shenzhen Skies - Finish quilting, binding, hanging sleeve, label.
  14. Contained Observation - Hanging sleeve, label.
  15. Woven World - Finish appliqué, quilting, binding, hanging sleeve, label.
  16. Five More - Finish quilting, embellish, hanging sleeve, label.
  17. Corpus #3 - Hanging apparatus and sleeve, label.
  18. Self Portrait- Finish quilting, binding, label, hanging sleeve.

    Yes, it's a pretty long list, but a lot of these are A) Small and B) Just need a hanging sleeve and a label. They've been lying around bugging me to finish them for a long time (Years!) so I think it'll be good to work through one by one and knock them onto the done pile.

    And then I can get back to the other 61 things on my list (no lie), there really are sixty-one more in-progress.