Thursday, June 22, 2017

Recent Acquisitions

 Recent purchases that I thought were worth talking about here. Aurifil Thread acquisition has reached maximum for me, mostly because I ran out of room in my thread box! Only a few repeats with colors I already owned. If you like this thread, try the Cotton Club's thread club.
 There were so many color choices for this cork fabric, and I couldn't pick so I went with a neutral near natural one. This will be made into a bag, It's fairly thin and very flexible, the backing is poly-urethane. I'm interested to see how it sews up. Sew Sweetness carries many choices. And they have a video on how to sew with it which should be useful.
 RFID blocking fabric to be used in bags and wallets, etc. (A tin-foil hat too perhaps?) The only instructions that came with it was to NOT iron it ever, so that'll make it kind of tough to use in sewing a bag or a wallet, hmmm. They sell it at Nancy's Notions in case you're intrigued.
 A rather crazy selection of fabrics (even for me) I bought at Golden State Quilting. Guess I was needing some color that day or something. I have been challenged to use these all in one quilt. Hmmmm.
Who knew you could buy Cherrywood fabric scraps at your LQS? Too fun, huh? Such a nice selection, I really love how this fabric feels.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wandering Wednesday - Curiodyssey

 This month's CQFA meeting was a wonderful sort of field trip to a kid's science museum one of our members works at, Curiodyssey in San Mateo on the shores of the San Francisco Bay. We had a great turnout and a super meeting and then set out to explore the place. In the immediate foreground at the top of this photo are red pinwheels that are set in a metal structure along the edge of the building to catch all those ocean breezes.

When you're with like-minded friends, it turns out no kids are required to enjoy. I love this picture of Bron as seen through the kaleidoscope.

The texture wall was fun, I really liked the design of these lined-up pencils.

 I could have played with this thing all day, I promise I didn't knock any little kids over to get to it. What a great way to illustrate the result of gear size differential.

I really want to make this quilt! I wonder if there is a design program that would be able to replicate this? Seems like there should "be an app for that."

Fun with mirror-symmetry and colors and shapes. this was another fun thing that would be useful for quilt designing.
The small garden and zoo were very enjoyable too. What a lovely and inspiring place, I think I need to get my nieces to come here so I have a good excuse to come back. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Solstice Thirteen

 The thirteenth Solstice Quilt block, eh not my favorite. Those little triangles in the corner aren't working for me.
I am liking how all the blocks look together so far.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Thirty-Fourth Study Square

 The thirty-fourth Weekly Study Square quiltlet has a current favorite color combination of orange and blue. And pooh my trademark wonky edges are finally sneaking in. I knew they would eventually.
 I have an enormous spool of rayon orange thread that I love getting to use with abandon like this.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Solstice Twelve

This twelfth block for the Solstice Quilt might be my favorite so far. Maybe it's just the colors that I used.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Thirty-Third Study Square

 The thirty-third Weekly Study Square quiltlet is almost landscape-ish. I loved getting to use these colors together.

Close-up of the asterisk/star. Not bad for free-hand.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Solstice Eleven

Sounds like a movie title to me. This is a really nice block, lots of possibilities to play with as far as the colors.
It's almost looking like the start of something at this point.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thirty-Second Study Square

 The thirty-second Study Square quilt let is rather simple compared to some of the others. I like the graphic-ness of the big swaths of orange.
 The orange and the black were both some type of polyesters so they were rather ravel-y.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Solstice Ten

 Here's the tenth block I've gotten done for the Solstice Quilt. Pretty simple, but it's got some depth.

 I really like how this one looks with all the others so far.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thirty-First Study Square

Here's the 31st Weekly Study Square quilt let. Now that I'm looking at it, there's definitely a comic-book-ish feel to me. Probably from the red/white print that is so graphic and clear, that and the outlining stitching that I did around the shapes.

 I kept the heart-shape from the heart appliqué block that I did for the Solstice Quilt.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Thirtieth Study Square

 Back to posting the weekly study square quiltlets. Picking up where I dropped off showing these, this is the 30th one!

I had to document my fingernail polish looking so good with this quilt let.

I used a whole lot of different machine embroidery stitches.
 Using the stitches in unexpected ways is some of the good stuff I've learned while doing this project.
I don't think I've ever shown the back of one of these study squares. Here's what it looks like, a big thready mess. The fabric I used this time for the backing is the printed instructions for making a holiday decoration that I completed probably twenty years ago. It was in my scrap bin and was the right size to cut up and use. I write the week and the date also to help me keep track of these quiltlets.

Friday, June 02, 2017

ICAD Day 1

Back after a little blog-holiday. Happy June! This year I'm joining in on the ICAD event, which entails making art on an index card everyday for June and July.

Index Card A Day = ICAD
It's not too late, you can do it too.

My plan is to use some words or a word on each one. This first one has my sticker from my visit to the SFMOMA on Monday. It caught my eye, so that was what I started with. Inspired by some of the modern artworks I marveled over during my visit.

I'm not planning to post mine every day here on the blog, but will probably do a round-up weekly or so. Because there's other stuff to talk about. 

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Solstice Nine

  The ninth weekly Solstice block was a really big one, 32" square. It was a whole lot of HST's (Half Square Triangles) but at least they weren't teeny tiny for one of those 6.5" blocks for the City Sampler.

Here's how all the squares looked when I cut them out. I had to count the darks, mediums and lights several times to make sure I'd cut out enough.

Once all the piecing was done, choosing how to lay out the block was the fun part. I tried several arrangements out, and tiled them together. This gives a good idea of how this one block could make a pretty great quilt top all on its own.

I sewed it together in sections, taking the layout in chunks from the design wall over to the sewing machine to keep the pattern straight.

Eventually it all went together very well. I'm pleased with how the whole thing looks when all the blocks are together.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Twenty-Ninth Study Square

 The twenty-ninth Weekly Study Square Quiltlet was made during one of the darkest, rainiest weeks I've ever experienced here in the mountains. The colors chosen reflect that I guess, mud mud mud everywhere.
 A stitched grid contains the scraps.
I like the way the batiks and the hand-dyes play with each other. In this close-up you can really see how different the surfaces of the two types of fabric reflect the light.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Thread Storage

 Threads have been on my mind lately. Maybe it's because of the new Aurifil I've been collecting thanks to the Cotton Club's monthly collection. I think I might have enough now, far short of the 236 colors available, but wow is this ever nice thread! At first I figured it was all hype, but nope, this is the good stuff. But I had to think about how to store it, so I could see all the colors. I'm using a flat box that I think is intended for scrapbooking, but it fits perfectly. Now that it's all full I guess I have to call it quits on buying more. (or get another one of these boxes)
 So I started thinking about how I store all of my thread, there's several methods that I use. I mostly divide them up by type of thread material. I store the bigger thread cones on this wooden wall rack. I love how this looks and it is very handy, but the cones do get dusty on the top and I do worry about the light fading them since a lot of them are rayon. I guess I could fashion some sort of clear dust cover that might help and attach it at the top.
Here's one of the two jumbled-up plastic drawers of thread, this one holds all the cotton or polyester thread spools. It never behaves no matter how many times I sort it. So many different shapes and sizes of spools, impossible to organize. And probably too many in here too.
 The Sulky box of rayons is getting less crowded as I use up all the little spools. I haven't bought new Sulky in quite a while now, not sure why? Out of fashion or maybe I've just been in using-up mode. The lid on this plastic box is discoloring with age now, but the threads still seem okay. Although those metallics are still so finicky to stitch with. This is a bad use of this box though because the Sulky spools don't fit standing up on the pegs, they're a smidge too tall. But I really do like seeing the colors of the threads, when I look in the box, it's easier to find the one I want to use.
Here's the same type of box with larger spools, they're mostly upright on the pegs like they're supposed to be, but it's not showing the colors off for me on most of the spools.

Obviously, I have plenty, probably too much thread already, it's the plague of too-much, first-world problems, right?  When I look at it like this all in one place, I find that there's a historical, almost journal-ish quality to many of the threads in my collection, they mark different stages I've gone through in my quilting journey. So many techniques tried out, learned, dabbled with, discarded, a few mastered, and a lot of them have required very specific threads. Thus the variety. Spice of life even when it comes to threads apparently.

  • What is the solution for thread storage? 
  • Is there one when there's so much variance in sizes and shapes of spools?
  • I want to have light/dust protection and still be able to see the colors when I'm in thread-selection mode, maybe I have to invent something for myself? 
  • What system of thread storage have you found works best for you?