Thursday, December 02, 2010

Surprise, I'm Back!

Hello there, surprise! I'm back!
I now declare this very long blog vacation over.
This is my excuse note here, for why I haven't been posting to this blog for quite a long time.  It involves a very personal journey of pain and healing and physical transformation, but not much art or creativity.  So if you aren't interested in reading about any of that personal stuff, come back tomorrow for an art post.   

  I've gone and gotten myself a hip upgrade, nothing but the best titanium thankyouverymuch.  A plate, a rod and four screws to hold the top part of my femur together.  I was going to post my x-ray picture here, but I'm chickening out, sorry.  It is cool though, maybe it will end up in my art somehow.

The good news is now I can walk again without mind-crushing pain (which had been going on since June).  The bad news is that it was major surgery and I have quite literally been off in la-la-land recovering for the past 6 weeks.  Let's just say being able to write a coherent blog post was way beyond the scope of what I could do. So I didn't.


I'm so thankful that I had competent doctors that listened and figured out what to do and that it turned out to be just a mysterious growth in my bone and not at all cancerous.  
I had something similar in the very same place when I was 17. 
Is it related? Probably. 
Do they know if it will happen again? Nope. 
Am I glad I can stand up long enough to do the dishes without crying? Yep.

Thanks for being patient, I hope some of you have stuck around, I promise an art-related post tomorrow!
Because, yes I have been sewing during this time of blog silence.


Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,

so happy to hear from you once again. I hope your recovery goes more smoothly from now on and that you can once again begin to create.

susan in spokane

Laume said...

I wish I could have been a closer friend and brought you soup and company to help you through your ordeal. Alas, no floo powder, broom is in the shop, etc. I hope that you can make all the downtime work in a new burst of creativity. I've been gone from my blogs for such a long time and I don't really know why. I'm trying to get into the habit again. Maybe I'll hitch a ride on your declaration and get back into the swing of things too.

Judy Warner said...

Welcome back! I am glad you are recovered. A friend of mine had hip replacement surgery in August and she is now back on the aikido mat with no pain. Medical science can be amazing.
Can't wait to see what you have been sewing.

Deb Lacativa said...

Great to see you on the upside. And thanks for the reminder - after a long season of assorted Minor pain, I went for a walk yesterday and into the first half mile, NOTHING was giving me pain. It's hard to pay attention to NOTHING, and you reminded me again.

Jaye said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle! Can't wait to see the quiltlets and am glad to k now you have been making art during this healing time. Art is more important than posts, though writing is art. Quandry?

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks for the welcome back everyone!
Laume I wish you had been closer too, that would have been great!

Hi Judy, that's great to hear about your friend's quick recovery. It really is amazing what medical science can do now.

Deb, yes it is a great reminder of what we regularly take for granted as far as our bodies working correctly.

Thanks Jaye, yes, that's a good reminder that writing is art also.