Friday, December 03, 2010

Watching, Waiting, Wishing, Hoping

Starting right back in with the year-long series of six-word quiltlets.  Yes I'veactually kept up with them and am excited to get back to sharing them with you now.  This one is from the week of 8/29 and is the 34th of the year.

The words say: "I'm always watching, waiting, wishing, hoping."  Written on paper, colored with colored pencil,  glued on top of rice paper, then glued onto a piece of a leather sample journal cover which I picked up from FabMo,  then stitched down with two buttons with orange thread. 


Jaye said...

I think this is one of your best (but would have to look at all together to be sure!). I love the tag and all of the texture the zig zagginess makes. Love it!

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Jaye! Yes I like this one a lot too.