Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decision Time Easy. Black And White

 Well, I guess I'm not going to be able to show all of these six word memoirs to you in the actual calendar year that they were created.  But I shall keep posting them until I'm done, one at a time, just so I can check that box off of my to-do list.  A second black and white one in a row, interesting for me eh?
This is the 38th in the year long series. 
Words say: Decision Time Easy. Black And White.  This was from the week that I decided that I would go ahead and have my hip surgery.
 I used the printed edges of an upholstery weight fabric that I had previously made Halloween napkins out of back in October.  Also I used the woven polyester static-free insert that came with my son's laptop.  Don't you love the overprinted registration marks and the lines of squares?  The graphic-ness of them all was too cool to mess up with extraneous stuff added on top.
Words were written on with a Pigma Micron pen, one of the best for writing on fabric.

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