Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seeing Through To What Is Underneath

Keeping on keeping on catching up with the six-word memoir quiltlets, this is number 37 of the year.
 Words say: "Seeing Through To What Is Underneath".  Stitched words, with bubble wrap quilted onto the top of the quilt sandwich.  The bubble wrap was a little hard to stitch, but not too bad if I went slowly.  Sure squeaked a lot more than I thought it would!
I intentionally used a colorful bobbin thread (orange) in the hopes that there would be some spots of color showing through the bubble wrap when I was all done.  It doesn't show too well in the pictures, but in person it works to move your eye around the piece.

1 comment:

Karoda said...

not sure why but this tickled me...sewing with bubble wrap.