Friday, July 23, 2021

Kitchen Sink Preparation


Getting ready for the first day of a two day class on Kitchen Sink Quilting with Maria Shell. This was the first selection of solids that I chose and I laid them out pretty randomly on my work table just  to get an idea of the color range. 

And....I really really like this "design". Like I want to make a quilt that looks exactly like this. I'm tempted, really tempted to cut up pieces to assemble this exact thing before I take the class tomorrow. 

We shall see. I have to take the diabetic cat to the vet which is always exhausting because he yells the whole time there and back.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

More Yes Please

Tools of the paper piecing game. The add-a-quarter ruler is essential. That seam roller is really working out well instead of having to keep an iron going the whole time I'm sewing. The seam ripper because yes...mistakes are made.

It's all so very very fussy for a 6x6" block, but I'm liking how it turns out in the end.




Here are the two font versions together. I like how it looks, almost visible, but not really.

One more font left to do and then that's it for paper piecing for awhile. The rest of the work on the coat will be other types of piecing.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Black and White and ICAD

Time for some black and white (and gray) ICAD.
Okay, with a dash of red too.
This is my favorite, maybe of this year's ICAD. And the circle with the pre-printed dot/dash design? You'll never guess where that came from...our new toilet install instructions.

I really dislike this one. Is it the brown? Yes, yes it is. It was worse before it was brown though, I tried several layers of color and then gave up. Not all of these are "successful" which is okay because they're just an index card. No Big Deal. Which is a big part of the point of doing ICAD.
This is card stock waste from practice cutting out tabs for a Sew Sweetness tabs .svg file on my Cricut. 


Thursday, July 15, 2021

New Fabrics


Yesterday I talked about the big excursion to Bay Quilts, a not so local LQS, but I neglected to highlight my purchases which I was pretty excited about. As you can see in the above picture, they are not intended for the same project. (although that'd be a pretty good challenge actually. 

The top fabric is a map of the US with the locations of all of the national parks. We've been talking about retirement bucket lists, and visiting all of the parks is near the top. I thought it'd be fun to have this made up as a lap quilt to have along on our journey and stitch our pathways as embroidery or something like that.

Next is an odd stripe that is such a great combination of colors and peacock eyes.
I finally broke down and bought some of the Jen Kingwell Lollies, which is stripes of different patterns.
The triangle arrows fabric is so striking and I thought it'd make a great binding or border.
The shredded paper collage is an older Carrie Bloomston print that I really enjoy.
I was really taken with this digital fabric collage fabric line, there was a much lighter color way, this was the "night" version. All I could see was a skirt, as the entire design is the width of the fabric.
And even better that it's called "Happy Place".

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wandering Wednesday - Bay Quilts

It had been a longlonglong time since friend Jaye and I got to go hang out and visit a quilt shop. We decided to journey over to the East Bay and check out Bay Quilts. As we entered the shop, they asked if we were vaccinated and took our names and phone numbers down too, just in case they had to do contact tracing (great idea!!) and then offered us hand sanitizer. We wore masks and were just happy to be in a quilt shop that had survived the last year and a half of retail weirdness and challenge. 

And as a bonus, I was so happy to see a display of some of the SJSA quilts on their walls.

And what a nice surprise, one of the quilts happened to have one of the blocks I did the embroidery work on. First time I've seen one out in the wild.

I really love the look and energy of this raw edge embroidery/quilting.
These quilts always make me think and feel, they're so expressive and thoughtful.
Bay Quilts was great to visit, it was only the second time I'd been in person although I've ordered online. They had their fabrics arranged so differently than what I'm used to, gathered together and displayed by individual fabric line/designer instead of just by colors. It made a lot of sense but if I'd just been looking for a certain color range, it wouldn't have worked too well. They have a really awesome selection of fabrics.

We had a little snack in Berkeley and then headed back over the Bay Bridge. What a great treat to get to hang out with Jaye in person and get out and about too. Almost like we were back to the "before times".

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Simple-Elegant Tee

Just bought a new clothing pattern, the Simple Elegant Tee. Just about all the patterns I have are much more complicated and I just wanted to try to make something simple. Also found a slightly patterned black on black fabric and another random package of needles to add to my stash. Thanks Scruffy Quilts.

 Now to search my stash of clothing fabrics and try this out before I go buy even more fabric. I think I'll make a long tee that's got the dolman sleeve. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Non-series ICAD

 Another group of ICAD pieces, which are a pretty random grouping of techniques.

  I'm most of the way done now as "the event" finishes at the end of this month.

I used some strips of Color Catcher in this one, but it's hard to see, I made it disappear into the card.
A collage covering the fire worry that's ramping up.
I  like the combination of the fine point black markings versus the watercolor crayons color.
A shorter "series" of green. Sushi grass once again.
I wrote "We Ate Sushi Today!" over and over again in watercolor pencil. The three fish come from our three chopstick packages.
More grassy, words from the chopstick packages.

I like the depth of the layers I managed to create on this one.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Plum Time


It's finally Plum Time! Our very very old plum tree is still producing one of my favorite summer fruits.  
Every year I think it'll be its last productive year, but then it inevitably surprises me with another crop of sweet delicious plums.
I love looking at the world via kaleidoscopes, and the app KaleidaCam helps me do that.

Saturday, July 10, 2021



All three of my trying to be camouflaged letters are done now. They are each 6x6" so now to decide where on the coat to place them. And whether they should be horizontal or vertical. Split up with coping strips, or snuggled up together and then framed somehow? They would work horizontally on the back of the coat. Or maybe vertically on one of the front sides of the coat.

Give me a Y!

Give me an E!

Give me an S!

What's that spell?


Two more EQ8 paper pieced fonts left to try out.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Camoflauged Letters


I'm doing some more piecing for my RDKC coat. This is what the paper piecing patterns look like when printed out from EQ8, already colored in for you, very handy. This was my first time using EQ8 for that, so it was a nice surprise. I still had to write "B" for background and "S" for the letter I was piecing because I was still having a little trouble getting the fabrics placed correctly.
Here's a close up of the E, it camoflauge-y enough? That's what I'm trying to achieve. I want texture and subtlety but for it not to be immediately apparent that oh yes, that's a letter.

Here's how the Y and the E look from farther away. It's a bit like one of those color eye tests, which I guess is exactly what I'm going for here.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

ICAD Pride


I had a week towards the end of Pride month where I was behind on making my daily ICAD, so I did a week's worth all at once. I laid out the index cards, irregularly overlapped.
I used the Neocolor watercolors to trace a series of lines.
Then each card was separately enhanced, layers of different watercolor media and lines around the ribbons of colors.

I like how these turned out, both individually and all together.
They each have their own character, but fit together too.

This one had a big empty space so I sewed on a piece of BelVita wrapper. It is vaguely crow shaped to me.