Monday, February 28, 2011

Cut Off From Reality

 Time to keep finish up posting last year's project!  Back to it with number 42 in the weekly six-word memoir quiltlets.
The words say: "Cut Off From Reality.  Busy Healing"
Oh the joys of heavy-duty painkillers, necessary of course to healing, but not the way I want to experience the rest of my life thankyouverymuch.

The overlay is from the wrapping that some get-well flowers arrived in.  See I use everything around here eventually!  This material feels a little like Lutradur, very lightweight, maybe spun woven.   I liked how the subtle pattern looked over the top of the quiltlet.  Gave it that "removed from reality" look that I was trying to express.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great California Snowpocalypse of '11

 For several days this week, all the news and weather people were incessantly talking about snow actually for real, oh my goodness, coming to our area.  Fairly rare, not unheard of, but still, they made it out to be a Really. Big. Deal.  Slow news week maybe??
 This is how much we actually got.  Maybe a 1/4" or so.  Not much of a "snowpocalypse" as they made it out to be.
What do you expect for this mild part of California though?
Very pretty while it lasted, hilariously confusing to cats, and no one had to shovel anything.