Friday, July 12, 2024

Buying Spree the 2nd

Continuing on with yesterday's buying spree post. Over on the Oregon coast we first stayed in Newport, there only one quilt shop to visit, Quilter's Cove. I thought I'd found two different rainbow ombre digital prints, but instead they are both the same colors, ie the whole rainbow. I wish I'd unfolded them both in the store to check, but I still really like this fabric, and I have 2 yards instead of 1. I also picked up a new marking pencil, the Ultimate Marking Pencil, which looked interesting. I'll post about it when I try it out.

There were several more quilt shops that were on our list for the Oregon Coast, but they happened to be closed on the days that we were driving through. Next time we'll check the schedules I guess? 
Our last shop in Oregon turned out to be Kruusn Quilt Designs and Retreat Center in Coos Bay.  I found the other ombré metallic confetti colors I needed to do the V & A Ombré Triangles pattern in their Ombré Room. How fun to have a whole room full of ombré options. I was even happier that they were all on sale. And then there was this cool black and white celestial that turned out to be glow in the dark. One of the people working there showed us a fabric rope bowl she'd made with this fabric, sewn together with glow in the dark thread. It was super cool!
South of Eureka, California is the small town of Fortuna, we found Springville Quilt Barn. What a great selection of fabric, old and new Tula Pink, Tilda and Ruby Star Society. Fun fun fun. It was hard to pick. I settled on the two Ruby Star Society fabrics, the coppery goldfish on navy and the butterflies on bright yellow background. Then there was the Tilda, I found some Fat Quarters that I liked.

This particular selection of Tilda Chambray was irresistible. And I think it will go well with the Bloomsville group that I bought earlier this year. Now to find a pattern to use them all on.
And would you look at this wonderfulness?! Here's a solid that has the manufacturer and color name stitched right into the selvedge. Why is this the only one I've ever seen???
And finally we went to Stitch, in Ferndale, which was a really terrific store, I found all these goodies. Trying out a new thing, the Odif 505 Fabric Glue Stick, their basting spray works really well, so let's see if the stick version does. A Simply Moderne magazine that had some really interesting quilt ideas in it. A new-to-me Bloc-Loc, the Half-Rectangle ruler.A Hemingway Pouch pattern and a green zipper for one, I've seen these in person and they look great and useful. Some rainbow LOVE labels, sale pencil shaving orange fabric, a tiny black and white print, two calm celestial prints and a couple of fat quarters that I liked.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Vacation Buying

This might get too long for one post, we'll see. I've taken some pictures of what I bought while on a short vacation with friend Jaye. We hit up a whole lot of quilt shops during our drive, the first of which I wrote a bit about yesterday, Pioneer Quilts, in Portland.

 I found this purple fabric with an op art sort of design of green and yellow circles and decided it would be a great thing to make a medallion quilt around. I also found some interesting kind of coordinating fabrics there.There was some Eleganza thread that I picked up and another pack of Chenille Needles that I really like to stitch with. We also saw this new Scanfil organic cotton thread and decided to split the package between us. I'll report back about how it stitches when I use it.

The second shop we visited in Portland was Sewlarium (love the name!). There was a great selection there, I found this Moda Halloween toweling, a Sasquatch print, and two more fabrics to possibly be players in my medallion quilt.

At Powell's City of Books, because I'd flown up, I hadn't brought along the usual journal kit. So I got a new journal, some Micron pens, a couple of cards and postcards. The two actual books that I bought were Japanese Quilting Piece by Piece - Yoko Saito and Patterns by Drusilla Cole. The first one, all the projects are super interesting (although quite brown!) and the patterns are included with the used book. The second is so interesting, apparently it's a series of books from this author, some of which are strictly focused on surface design. Very fun and inspiring stuff to see on every page.
On our way over to the Oregon coast we detoured to McMinnville to visit Boersma's. I found a pencil shavings in a bright yellow in the basement sale zone, and three purples to maybe be in my medallion quilt. They had a ton of Sashiko stuff and I bought an unusual thread that combines red and blue in it.

This is a converted downtown three story brick  building. I took this picture because I loved the  colors of the Boersma's sign along with the brick and the "love you" graffiti.
Check out that moving lit up arrow sign! Have you ever seen a quilt shop with one of those?!?!

They had some nice displays of completed quilts and hung up circles covered in various fabrics in the big front windows, very eye-catching. Inside, the top floor is classrooms, the middle floor offices, and the main and basement is all fabric.

Okay, that's probably enough for today, tomorrow I'll finish off documenting the vacation buying spree.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Wandering Wednesday - Portland

Some actual wandering, I went to Portland to visit with friend Jaye who was already up there. On my first day there we went to Powell's City of Books. Imagine our surprise to see quilts on display up on the top floor! 
It was a really excellent Pride month display put on by the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.
It was really fun to sit on the benches to rest a bit and take in all that rainbow goodness, good vibes for sure. Here's a link to their instagram with some more closeups and info.
There were many many books that I sat and browsed through and considered buying like this one, Boro & Sashiko: Harmonious Imperfection by Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowsby. I really want to make this reversible rectangle wrap vest that was one of the highlights of the book. They had so many used and by now vintage (from the 80's and 90's) quilt books that were fun to look through. 
Jaye had rented a small house in one of the many suburbs of Portland, we had a great time walking around checking out all the street vegetable boxes.
This cabbage reminded me of the monstrous plant, Audrey II, from Little Shop of Horrors.
I loved this old junior high building with this very excellent quote on top of the door way: "Knowledge, in truth, is the great sun in the firmament. Life and Power are scattered with all its beams" - Daniel Webster

The extended version of this quote is even better and quite timely I think.

I think this was likely a repainted Coca Cola advertisement, but I still liked the colors and fonts.
I liked the walkway near the house that we stayed in, it had a great ground cover combination with flat stone. No tripping, but still pretty.
We also went to a couple of Portland's many quilt shops (of course!). This one was Pioneer Quilts, in a really lovely historic home called the Broetje House. The two main buildings are connected by a glassed-in walkway. Which I would imagine would be really handy in rainy Portland. It made for a nice space to display quilts and bolts of fabrics.
Really enjoyed this shop, they had a wide variety of fabric on offer that was really well-displayed. It's one of those packed-full quilt shops that is still easily navigable and organized. I'll post more later about what I ended up buying there. I resisted buying a Kaffe Fassett glasses case or umbrella (just barely).

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Perfectly Accidental


 Sometimes you end taking an accidental picture that’s not going to get deleted like all the blurry ones of your feet. You know when you’re done taking your “actual “ intended picture but don’t click off the phone quite fast enough. That’s what this is. And it’s one of the best pictures that I’ve taken in a long while. I never would have come up with this perfect composition. Or the texture variety, rough wood, machine marked wood, smooth wood, blurry grass, pressed concrete. Or the golden late sunset dramatic warm lighting creating the glare reflections and the shadows.
I thought it would make an interesting quilt design or a carved stamp. I played around with it In SnapSeed and quite like the black and white version.

Monday, July 08, 2024

Blue Ribbon Blues


Well, well, well. It's quite a strange thing to experience winning a blue ribbon, at anything really, much less at a quilt show. It was only for the category of the quilts that the BAMQ group entered, not overall or anything like that. But, I keep seeing it up on my design wall and getting surprised just at the visual reminder. I also got surprised at the judging sheet, no improvement needed. Not sure I agree with that, but it's nice to hear. This was a rather traditionally made quilt, at least for me. So I guess that I'm glad I was up to snuff on those terms even without a ton of practice. Then I got a little check in the mail, which makes the whole thing somewhat more concrete.

Okay, deep breath. "Hey look, here's my prize-winning quilt!"

Sunday, July 07, 2024

City Sampler Sashing


I've finally added on a strip of the new fabric I bought to finish the City Sampler sashing onto the last row I'd sewn on at the bamq retreat. That's the strip on the left of this picture.
Here it is closer up. It is different, but is it too different?
Now I've added on another row as well as another sashing strip. So those are the two sashing strips on the left. I think it will be close enough so that it won't bug me when I look at it. Is it the exact same fabric color? I don't think so.

Saturday, July 06, 2024

July ICAD So Far

Deep within

So far in July, I'm continuing on with gluing a word from a magazine onto an index card. If the word is printed on a colored background, I'm making a rectangle of slightly larger size in a similar color first. This is because it's hard to get color on the cardstock if it's got glue on it and I don't like how that looks.

unleashes enormous energy
This one is made with torn up pieces of a pink envelope with a white printed scallop border that friend Jaye sent me recently.
ways of naming and ordering
this life unmoored