Friday, May 24, 2019

Triangle Study Stitching

 I started stitching on the Triangle Study this week. My plan is to stitch the each edge of each triangle with a matching color and extend those lines all the way off the edges of the quilt. It's gonna be a net!
I actually marked my quilting lines with chalk (I never do this!) because I wanted them as straight as I can get them. I also used my walking foot, which I now like quite a lot. The good ol' Steady Betty hand wraps work great even for straight line quilting.

The first lines I did were the red-orange color.

Each day I stitched a different color thread. 

It's looking more and more net-ish as planned.

 I have just one thread color left to go, and I love how the net effect is happening so far.

It's so complicated and reminds me of a map or criss-crossing power lines.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Product Review: Martelli Roundabout - Update

 As I posted a few weeks ago in my initial product review, the Martelli Roundabout is pretty darn handy when you're making quilt blocks. But after using it for a bit, I have to say I'm getting concerned about the knicks and cuts in the surface.
Here's a closer picture. I'm using the Martelli rotary cutter and Martelli blades, and this does not look self-healing at all. Granted it's made of different material than the Olfa mat surface that I'm used to, but this doesn't seem very sustainable for long-term use. I think I'll contact them and find out if this is normal wear and tear or if I'm supposed to be doing something different.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Wandering Wednesday - Quail Hollow Ranch

 Some pictures from Quail Hollow Ranch, a local county park taken in May last year.


 The drape-y form of the oak tree branches always make my heart swoon.

 More wildflowers.
 And more.

Not sure why or when this tree split off, but it's interesting looking now.

Edit to add: Yes, it's Tuesday, I published this on the wrong day, whoops!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Consolation Shopping

What do you do after a doctor's appointment where you see the evidence of why both of your knees hurt and are so very noisy? (Oh hello there arthritis)
Well you drive yourself down the block to the LQS to drown your sorrows in all the glorious colors and patterns of course.
And proceed to eavesdrop as a random passerby (a man of course) quizzes the quilt shop's long-arm quilter. She patiently explained that yes, it's all automatic, that is once you get the quilt sandwich set up on the machine, but first someone had to make the top and the back of the quilt, and then there are thousands of patterns to choose from, and they have to be resized and placed just so and then the thread has to be chosen and so it's not really so very automatic at all now is it.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


It rained.
In the middle of May.
This broke all the records.
Not a thing that normally happens.
Two whole inches just overnight.
Hail and more rain the next day too.
Wind so hard the sun umbrella got tossed off the deck down into the garden.
It smashed into the pomegranate, rhubarb and iris.
All the roses and irises were blooming.
Now that's all mush.
Everything is leafed-out and bending with the weight of the unexpected rain.
What is this going to mean for the fire season?
Now we'll have to do all the weed-whacking Again.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Triangle Study Squared

I've actually been working on one of the projects on my Q2 FAL list, getting the Triangle Study finished up. Here's the final shape of it, now it is all pin-basted and ready to quilt. (I even made the hanging sleeve since I had the backing fabric out, so why not?) I'm thinking of quilting lines that criss-cross and end up in triangles, haven't decided on thread color yet. 
 This was how it looked before it got really square.
 Some pictures to show this project's progress.

Friday, May 17, 2019

More BOTEOM Piecing

And lo there were many more strips cut for the BOTEOM, and thus there were more blocks made...definitely got myself into one of those "if you give a mouse a cookie" type of situations. 

I couldn't stop once I started with these, because hey all the fabric is already cut so why not, right? 
So now I have these big pieced triangles. 

Not sure where I go from here, but there are still more scraps and pieced together bits that may be made into other shapes and sizes and then I'll fit it all into one piece. Or it'll all end up in a project box for "another" time" to figure out how it all goes together. 

(Sssh...don't tell anyone but, ometimes I think I'm making a room full of jigsaw puzzles for the future. Hopefully someone will know how to sew things together.)