Sunday, May 22, 2022

Getting Orange Around Here


As I began cutting out the 8" circles from the double folded 8" squares, I wanted to do a non-sewn mock-up of one completed bullseye. Here's how it looks without the background orange square.
And here's how it looks with an orange background square behind it. Pretty nice! And Hot🔥🔥🔥🔥!

This is the first one that I actually got ready to sew down. Pinned down in four places and spreading out the folds with my fingers as I pinned worked out just fine. I really do like how those ironed-in creases work to center the circles so easily. It's definitely worth the extra ironing effort.
So now that I knew that the templates and circles were looking right, I cut out the rest of the 8" circles and paired them up with the backgrounds. In the foreground is all the leftover fabric which makes for some very interesting scraps.
Quite the spendid rainbow, huh?
I'm so excited to see how these progress as they get added to with the next two circles.
And here's the rejects that just didn't work for that wild swirly background. I cut something new that made a good

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Time For Templates

Yesterday was template day for the Orange You Glad circles. I used a ruler and the right-angled corner of a piece of cardstock to make the three templates I'll be needing for our bullseye project.

Instead of hunting around for an 8", 6" and 4" circular object to trace out, or finding my compass, I used a ruler to mark the end point of the chord (or ray) from the center which in this case is the corner of the cardstock. These quarter circles should work well to cut a mostly accurate circle of double folded fabric.
I tried the cutting templates out on the 3 sizes of double folded fabric squares. I've already cut out all of the needed 8" squares, and have a few cut out for the 6" and 4".

I think the last time we did a bullseye quilt, I didn't use templates and just free-hand/eyeballed it while cutting the circles. Which led to some definite and possibly intended wonkiness.

I decided to try out friend Jaye's suggestion to use Wonderclips to hold the template onto the folded fabric.
And that worked out really well, as you can see. No shifting around happened while cutting. Now to cut out all those 8" circles.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Flower Friday: Peony Edition

What's this? Why it's a new flower making an appearance in my garden, the peony.

After a solid twenty years of trying, I've finally managed to grow myself a peony. Time to take a peony victory lap!

It smells absolutely amazing and has the most fascinating center. I've tried at least four times to plant these, and in the first case, our dog, Zelda decided to dig up the tubers and carry it around. I'd replant it, then she'd dig it up again. Maybe it smelled exciting to her somehow? I never figured that one out. But the upshot was that the plant didn't get a fair chance to try and grow. The last few times the plants have leafed out and gotten pretty big, but then a surprise heat wave has crisped them to bits before they could flower. I guess the timing was finally right this year, or maybe it was the strangely late rain that we got last month? Who really knows, but now that the plants are established, fingers crossed, they'll re-flower next year.
I have to say that it's playing very nicely with these rather common in comparison purple irises.

They really do look nice together, don't they?
This was in portrait mode, which blurs out the background. I like all the shadows on the petals.


Thursday, May 19, 2022

DQ Done

DQ stands for Dotsy Quilting, not Dairy Queen unfortunately. Because it's getting hot and a Blizzard sounds pretty good right about now. Dotsy as in the Dotsy table runner, and the quilting is done as in completed.
All that's left to do is stitching on the binding which I have already made.
The quilting worked out pretty well, I think. I did end up quilting the dark blue polka dot triangles, but not as densely as the grey polka dot triangles or the border. 
The quilting didn't end up changing the look of the table runner all that much, which is what I was going for. The graphic design is strong enough as it is. And the best part, is that it is flat flat flat, which is what you really want in a table runner.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wandering Wednesday: Dosewallips

Some actual wandering happened, our first trip for a vacation in years was a long drive up to Port Townsend, Washington. This was one of my favorite stops on our way up the Olympic Peninsula, Dosewallips State Park. Here's a slightly unsettling panoramic picture from the observation tower. We decided to trek out to the water's edge.

There were A Lot of deer lying about, maybe thirty or so in the herd. Only one was standing up and keeping an eye on us.

It was a very threatening sky the whole time, but we brought our rain gear and emerged unscathed.
I loved the enormous towering clouds and the dramatic skies.

Sometimes the sun was caught in the water.

We went around and over the water from the river making its way down to the ocean, (well the Hood Canal).
This whole expanse was not white rocks, it was all shells. The cronch crunch crunch as you walked was a pretty eerie sound and feeling. This is my favorite picture.
We were happy to have made out to the water finally.
I was probably excessively excited that the sea glass and shells matched my shirt so well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

More Than Half

 I've gotten more than half of the quilting done on the Dotsy table runner. You can kind of see the quilting from this distance. Closer up it's a lot more apparent.

I'm liking how it looks so far. 

The angular lines are giving the piece some really good texture.  I may leave the dark blue triangles unquieted because they're kind of in relief now.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Some Stitches


I was on vacation for the last week so there wasn't a lot of making going on. In fact, on the way home on the freeway, I finally brought out the one hand stitching project that I'd packed. This is my favored technique to not overreact to heavy traffic when I'm not the one driving. 

I added some hand-stitching to this small piece that has a lot of quilting and beading on it. I hadn't worked on this piece in many many years, but it was really fun to get my hands on it again. You can see the stitches mostly towards the bottom of the photo. The thread was pretty matchy so it's not super obvious. And in the center of the photo is a small piece of one of my most favorite dye projects ever, a woven check linen/hemp fabric, dyed and over-dyed.