Thursday, October 12, 2017

Seems Appropriate

"Who I am is certainly part of how I look and vice versa. I want to know where I begin and end, what size I am, and what suits me… I am not “in” this body, I am this body. Waist or no waist. 
But all the same, there’s something about me that doesn’t change, hasn’t changed, through all the remarkable, exciting, alarming, and disappointing transformations my body has gone through. There is a person there who isn’t only what she looks like, and to find her and know her I have to look through, look in, look deep. Not only in space, but in time." - Ursula K. LeGuin

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Q4 FAL - Herein Lies A List

Here I am finally jumping into this group commitment to finishing quilts idea, better late than never, right? I've seen it on my Instagram feed during the last year, and it seems like a good idea.
So here goes!

My proposed finishing list for the 4th Quarter of the 2017 Finish-A-Long is:

  1. Solstice Quilt - Finish piecing backing and make binding, have it quilted, finish stitching down binding and label.
  2. Bullseye Swamp Quilt - coming back from being quilted this week, just need to finish the binding and label in time for a gift.
  3. Blue Cherrywood Challenge - Finish stitching down facing, label and hanging sleeve.
  4. False Flag Sorbet - Hanging sleeve and label.
  5. Warmest Condolences - Quilt for SAQA Loaded Conversations show, some fabric pieces made, print more, tags embellished, assemble, quilt, bind, hanging sleeve, label.
  6. Italian ABC - Assemble, quilt, bind, label in time for Xmas gift.
  7. Color Collusion - Finish quilting, bind, hanging sleeve, label.
  8. Between the Cypress - Design on remaining applique, finish quilting, embellish, bind, hanging sleeve, label
  9. Technology's Spine - Finish quilting, embellish, bind, hanging sleeve, label
  10. Line Layer - Applique, add more layers, quilting, embellish, binding, hanging sleeve, label
  11. Taking My Lumps - Add more beading, finish quilting, hanging sleeve, label.
  12. Harvest - Hanging sleeve, label.
  13. Shenzhen Skies - Finish quilting, binding, hanging sleeve, label.
  14. Contained Observation - Hanging sleeve, label.
  15. Woven World - Finish appliqué, quilting, binding, hanging sleeve, label.
  16. Five More - Finish quilting, embellish, hanging sleeve, label.
  17. Corpus #3 - Hanging apparatus and sleeve, label.
  18. Self Portrait- Finish quilting, binding, label, hanging sleeve.

    Yes, it's a pretty long list, but a lot of these are A) Small and B) Just need a hanging sleeve and a label. They've been lying around bugging me to finish them for a long time (Years!) so I think it'll be good to work through one by one and knock them onto the done pile.

    And then I can get back to the other 61 things on my list (no lie), there really are sixty-one more in-progress.

    Sunday, September 24, 2017

    Solstice 20

    Block 20 for the Solstice Quilt is pretty cute, X's and O's, mwah! I needed some warm-ish colors for the area of the quilt this block is going.

    I couldn't help but sew up the left overs from all those half square triangles. I predict they'll end up on the back of this quilt somehow.

    Saturday, September 23, 2017

    Darn Good Yarn

    Have you  ever seen the Facebook ads for Darn Good Yarn? They were recently advertising skirts made out of off-cuts and discards of sari fabric. Those skirts are great, very simple wrap-around and reversible too. Nice fabric and well-sewn, I've been enjoying wearing them this hot summer.

    They're mostly concentrated on yarns (obviously given the name) but I noticed they had a monthly fabric club.
    I just received my very first package and couldn't be more pleased, look how pretty this stuff is! Four FQ's of nice-quality silk, some of which are embroidered. And a card of coordinated color yarns in various fibers as well. How fun is this going to be to use!

    Friday, September 22, 2017

    Looking Pretty Boho

     A couple more blocks for the Gypsy Wife Sew-A-Long have been completed. First is called 'Indian Hatchet', a fairly simple one. I like how it looks with the mixture of fabrics.
     This Star Block is pretty, can never get enough of the variety of stars possible. I'm pleased with the pointy-ness of my points.
    Some of the sew-a-long people were posting about using PizAp to paste in pictures of their blocks onto the assembly diagram to keep track of the colors and fabrics used. I tried it out and think it looks pretty good so far, it's pretty fiddly to use though. But I'm also going to keep doing a colored-pencil version because of having to color in all the strips, not trying that with the app, that would be way too fiddly.

    Thursday, September 21, 2017

    Solstice 19

    This big block for one of the corners of the Solstice Quilt is called 'Board Games', it's 24x24". Doesn't it look like a Parcheesi board? I really liked how graphic this one is with those stripes, has a lot of punch. I was originally planning to mix all the colors of the stars and backgrounds up, but decided I liked them being more uniform. It seemed to be more board-game-like that way.

    Wednesday, September 20, 2017

    Pre-Blog Vacation

    So, I'm supposed to be in Sweden right now. I was going to accompany my husband on his annual trip to Europe for a work conference. We were going to rent a car and go drive around Norway, do some troll hunting, enjoy the scenery.

    But I'm not.
    Because I couldn't even walk through the airport right now, much less tolerate sitting in the car to get there. And the thought of sitting in a seat on a long flight is inconceivable right now.
    I am once again using a cane to get around. Taking the stairs one painful step at a time.

    For the third time in my life a tumor has grown in my left femur near my hip.
    In the exact same place.
    The first time was way back when I was 17, before blogs were even a thing! But I talked about this back in 2010 after I had my second go-round. And then in 2013 when I had the titanium parts removed.

    It's unfortunately been a thing for pretty much my whole life. At least it wasn't a cancerous tumor either time, or I'd probably not be here. I'm assuming the same thing now. But I actually don't know that for sure yet...and I try not to think about that possibility too much.

    Unfortunately the pain is sometimes approaching childbirth-levels.
    For those of you who know that experience personally, especially if you had an unmedicated birth, we tend measure pain after that as "oh it's not as bad as childbirth!"
    Well this is.
    And it's not a short-term, over with at least the bonus of a brand-new baby in your arms kind of thing. It's going on and on, getting worse with every step I make myself take. Gosh it's hard to write that down. I try so hard to push it away and not dwell on it, or think about it too much, but that's the reality.

    Most likely treatment is that I'm going to get a hip replacement done. But I'm in waiting to see the fancy doctor at Stanford Hospital mode. So grateful to have the insurance coverage to get to go there again. It makes me dissolve into horrified tears every time I try to imagine not having insurance and going through something like this (again.)

    So this time, I'm telling you about it ahead of time. But it's hard to post this, really hard. I'm trying to do things differently this time. Last time I didn't tell people until it was almost all over with. Trying to distract myself with short bursts of sewing and writing here. When I disappear from blog-land again, you'll know why this time. But I'll be back, I'm pretty stubborn that way.