Thursday, July 13, 2017

Solstice Sixteen

This sixteenth Solstice Quilt block is rather simple but I think really nice because it is very graphic and quite powerful. With different prints and placement you could make some interesting secondary designs within the block.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wandering Wednesday: SF Opera at the Ballpark

 It took a long while to get really dark at the San Francisco Opera at the Ballpark simulcast this year. It got cold pretty fast though, but our seething at the incorrigible and horrible Don Giovanni kept us warm.
 When the masqueraders appeared, we couldn't stop laughing, those headdresses were probably four feet high, and were maybe feathered? The singing and performances were divine, what a story.
 I'm so bad at scenic couple selfies, I try, but the angle is always hard to get. At least we're both smiling. And yes, Marc is wearing a SF Opera ball cap. He went to get drinks and came back with a hat, giggling about the opera having a ball cap the whole way.It is pretty funny.
 Son Alex and his Zoe, photo credit to my dad.
 My parents! They're the ones that got us going to this every year. I'm glad I was raised up listening to opera, thanks!
 I like the blurry background of this one, looking over McCovey Cove back towards the park.

The Bay Bridge lights as seen through an instagram filter.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Various ICAD

 Ten more ICAD, Index Card A Day, these are all 4x6".

 I re-purposed some note taking, figuring cards used while I was working on assembling the bullseye quilt to take to the quilter. I thought they made interesting backgrounds to begin with instead of just blank white.
 An actual sketch kind of thing. I forgot how much I love Stabilo pens.
 These sparkly pearly watercolors are fun to layer.
 Pen and watercolor pencil.

Including some bonus Lyrics to "Add It Up"

 Watercolor pencil over notes and doodles.
 These last two are my favorites of the whole bunch.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A Fiber Shot

I managed to make a 10x10" Fiber Shot to donate to the annual exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Texiles.
 I titled it "44" for the forty-four buttons that ended up on it. I had to arrange them on my cutting table while I sewed them on to keep track of where they went.

 I used a lot of variety in the embroidery stitches to give the surface extra dimension.
 I'm glad I had a good stash of buttons to draw from.

Close-up of the wool fiber embellished sky.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Wishing I Was Still On Vacation

Haven't posted a self-portrait in a while. Well really, it's a selfie from our trip to Hawaii, put through a filter on the app Prisma. (Super fun, and kind of addictive, you should try it out!)

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Recent Flora & Fauna

 Meg lying down in the bed of naked ladies (Amaryllis Belladona) before the green leaves turn brown.
 Good to see Bucky is growing up strong. We name the deer something different every year, because it's hard to tell them apart. Bucky likes to stare down Meg while she's barking at him.
 Acanthus flower spike.
 Crazy out of control butterfly bush, it was a cutting I stuck in the ground to see if it would grow. And now it's fifteen feet tall and wide. We cut it back by half every year. Boy do the butterflies every like it.
 And the many shades of wild sweet peas. I enjoy these, I really do, but they are so invasive and such a bully in the yard, taking over and blocking out the plants I'm trying to grow. And they don't smell too great (compared to the mannerly cultivated ones.)
Closeup with an instagram filter.

Friday, July 07, 2017

Anotherr Bunch of ICAD

Some more of the ICAD, Index Card A Day. Having a lot of fun doing these. As you can see, I returned (Somewhat) to the original idea of having a word or two appear.Just a reminder to myself. Online classes, they seem like such a great idea, but then you forget that you bought them and never take them.... At least they don't expire I guess.

 When that spray bottle of sparkly ink doesn't work anymore, drips will have to do.
 No idea what this is, maybe you can tell me.
 I rediscovered my Pitt Pens that are in shades of grey to black.
 Just like dyeing clean--up rags, sometimes the underneath it all index card ends up being the best thing you've made in a while.