Friday, January 26, 2018

Solstice 24

 The twenty-fourth block in the Solstice quilt is a nice square centered star. I did a little more thoughtful placement of some of the batik patterns this time. Not exactly fussy-cutting or anything, but I like how it turned out.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Second Half Square Triangle Blocks

After making the first half square triangle block for the Gypsy Wife quilt, I found that I hadn't read the directions quite closely enough. I was supposed to make two of them.

 After a lot of cutting, and rearranging I ended up making two more blocks. I used the left-over blue and grey triangles from the first version of the block. All the blues in one, all the greys in another with a mixture of colorful prints.

I like how different the two versions look.

I guess at some point I'll have to choose just two of the three to use in the actual quilt. Maybe I'll put the left-over one on the back somehow.

It's really starting to look like a cohesive quilt forming up.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wandering Wednesday - Fungus Fair

The 44th annual Fungus Fair was really fun. After many years, I was glad we finally made the effort and actually attended.
 The amount of colors we saw in the displays was surprising.
 And the different shapes and textures were intriguing.

 We tried the mushroom lasagna, quinoa mushroom soup which were very savory. The strangest was the mushroom donuts. They were mushroom custard filled and surprisingly tasty.
 Some of them were exactly what you picture when you think mushroom.
 And some were definitely not.
One of the vendors was using all sorts of fungus to do various types of fabric dyeing and printing. She was able to achieve some very lovely subtle colors, especially on silk.

Half-Square Triangle Block

 Making the half-square triangle block for the Gypsy Wife Sew-a-Long was fairly easy. I had fun with the blues and grays in the fabrics I have pulled for the quilt top.
 It was fun to play with the different possibilities.

 And it was fun to see how it looks with all the other blocks.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Solstice 23

Solstice block #23, this one I didn't succeed at translating well with my batik collection. It was hard to get enough contrast for the pattern, so it just looks like a 16 square block. But I felt like I needed some brown in the quilt top and this fit in well. A good example of scale and type of prints being as important as tone and value in terms of how a block design works or doesn't.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wandering Wednesday - Henry Cowell Park

A New Year's day hike is a family tradition that we've been doing for quite a while now. And the California State Parks have started to promote this, coincidence? Maybe! So it was off to Henry Cowell State Park, just down the road from us in Felton.
This year was a special one for me, it was my first PT goal, to be able to walk this specific trail on 1/1/18. Just about 2 months post hip replacement surgery. It seemed like a real stretch back when I first made the goal. But my progress has been pretty steady and surprising. 
So the Redwood Loop trail is just under a mile, and is an easy flat loop trail I've done more than twenty times. The first thing we noticed were how abundant the mushrooms were. This fancy red one caught my eye, especially with the bright yellow banana slug munching on it.

 I've probably taken this same picture every time I go on this hike. But sometimes the light is just right and I can't help it.

 I like both versions of it.
The best thing was that I got to hike it with some of my very favorite people in the whole world, my husband and my parents. My husband was super thrilled that I was able to make it without a problem, he was pretty cute about it. My folks were too which was really nice. It's good to have support when you're recovering from something major.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nurse's Cross

 The Nurse's Cross block for the Gypsy Wife Sew-a-long turned out pretty well. Talk about a riot of patterns, and all in one block.

It went together pretty easily, but I'm really missing the interim measurement points in block construction that Pat Sloan's Solstice Quilt instructions contain.  I almost tried the paper-pieced version that was suggested, but wanted to give piecing it a try.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Solstice 22

 The 22nd Solstice Quilt block, Weather Vane was a big one, 24.5" square so it had a lot of impact. I decided to cool things down a little with an all green, soothing block. And it was a stretch to find enough of non-bright greens to use in my batik stash. I have tons of lime green (of course) but not nearly as much of the more muted greens.
I like how it turned out, but I'd probably make some different choices on the fabrics to make the different bits stand out a little more.