Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Sixth Solstice

Here's the sixth block in Pat Sloan's quilt-a-long Solstice Quilt. I like the imbalance of the rectangles in this block.

All six together are not looking too cohesive, but I'm going to see how the rest turn out. I like each block separately but not all together. The setting options Pat is giving us might help with this issue.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Twenty-Sixth Study Square

The twenty-sixth Weekly Study Square Quiltlet is made from the scraps left from my efforts at the CQFA retreat the previous weekend. As part of unpacking from that trip, I was going to mix these scraps in with the rest of my scrap basket but I decided to limit myself this week and just work with this smaller subset. I like the results.
 All the fuzzy raw edges get to stand out on this one.
 The texture of the wool and a detail of the stitching.

The words for the week are:
  • eyebrow

  • faith

  • paranoia

  • taxi

  • prison

  • pimple

  • carousel

  • smile

Friday, February 03, 2017

Starting With a Title

Last week I made a small quilt (18x36") for a show that had a loose theme of Vision.  Here's where I started out.
Well, no I actually started out with a title: Dream Vision and a sketch:

I free-motion quilted several sections.
And zig-zagged the edges of the "hills" along with some quilting in various colors.

And then I pinned the rest down securely, packed it all in my car and drove up Highway 1 to the CQFA retreat in Half Moon Bay, taking pictures as I drove (I know, I know) and what do I see when I look at them when I arrive (and am no longer driving)??
Look familiar?
The color and shapes of the coast side hills and vegetable crops right up to the edge of the sea.
I had no idea, truly.

Closeup of vegetation edges and quilting.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Wandering Wednesday - Hong Kong

As seen in the Hong Kong Airport last week, an enormous floral display. All photo credit to my husband, Marc who knows how much I love orchids.
All because of the New Year, Happy Year of the Rooster!
 Unclear what the central decoration is there, but it is flanked by two trees decorated with red envelopes, traditional New Year's good luck gifts.
I finally spotted a rooster, in the midst of all the day lilies.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Twenty-Fifth Study Square

 The twenty-fifth Weekly Study Square, is all about comparing grey and not-quite-grey, vs. yellow and not-quite-yellow.
 I used some of the selvedge edge words.
For some reason I decided to quilt this in metallic thread, which involved a special needle and sewing very slowly (Sulky metallic is rather fussy in my opinion) but I like how it  turned out.

This week's words are:
  • pyramid

  • rumour

  • headache

  • tattoo

  • minute

  • anchor

  • recipe

  • salmon

Monday, January 30, 2017

Fifth Solstice

The fifth block for the Solstice Quilt-a-long was a combination of piecing and appliqué. I liked how this one turned out and am happy with the placement of the batik pattern on the basket.

I used Soft Fuse (as recommended by friend Jaye) for the first time for the fusing step of the basket. It has a very nice hand and was undetectable as I zig-zagged the edges.

Friday, January 20, 2017

What's On Your Design Wall

Here's the update on what is up on my design wall.
Still playing around with and rearranging the triangles on the Calendar Quilt. To the right is the 2016 calendar towel that will be going on the back of the quilt. Along with the yellow notes on ideas and plans and instructions for said Calendar Quilt.
Up in the right hand corner are the four blocks I've made so far from the Solstice Quilt.

That's all that fits up there on the design wall(and in my top-of-mind brain) for now.

So....What's On Your Design Wall?