Friday, April 09, 2021

Ring of Fire


I started cutting out the rings for the Put A Ring On It class tomorrow, and I have to say, I really liked using this template. Once you figure out which lines are which, it's a very smooth operation.
It was definitely a little strange cutting an inside curve, but it was very easy with the smaller rotary cutter.

A lot more cutting left to do today to get ready. I need some music! How about one of the best covers of one of the best Johnny Cash songs, Ring of Fire by Wall of Voodoo:

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Ringing In


I've finally started getting ready for the BAMQ Put A Ring On It class that's coming up this Saturday. 
First, I tried coloring some of the ideas I had, and honestly got a little boggled with it. There are so many options!
But first steps was actually taking the Clammy rulers out of their packaging. And also finding my 28mm rotary cutter. It's all so much less abstract once the ruler/template is actually in your hand. I pulled some green fabrics too. I think the rings on my quilt will be solid greens and maybe orange/yellow too. 
I was looking at examples of what kind of fabric choices other quilters had made for this pattern for inspiration, and it was all over the map. I definitely wanted to use something with text somewhere in my quilt (if not the whole thing). I decided on this awesome word definition fabric for the orange peel shapes. The Clammy template worked out very well for fussy cutting these. I decided to count up the words that will show completely when the shape is sewn, and that final number will be the quilt title. XX Words. least I've started.

Continuing on with music videos that relate, because why not? We all need more music, and this 1979 disco one hit wonder still holds up.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Wandering Wednesday - West Cliff


We took a nice stroll on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz with Meg. Sometimes we go for months without seeing the ocean which is pretty dumb since we live only ten miles away.

It was a glorious day, and not too crowded on the sidewalk because it was a Monday.

How much longer will this stop sign be standing I wonder. The ocean and rust is fascinating to a forest dweller like me.
Criss-crossing paths through Lighthouse Field. I was glad we didn't have to walk through the spring growth of "weeds" because there were A Lot of gopher holes.

This arch is just down the coast from Natural Bridges state park. The bridges there are much bigger than this one. Actually now it should be just Natural Bridge, because one of them collapsed.

I always try to count the number of shades of blue and green.
This part of the coast is very curvy.

There was one hawk looking over Lighthouse Field.

My DH got a good zoomed-in picture of the hawk. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't try and scoop up Meg, but it was definitely watching us as we passed  by.

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Black and White and Wood

Doctor's offices and medical facilities just have the nicest ceilings these days. The nice wood, the interesting lights, and all the windows. 

 There's just something about having to wait that makes me look up, notice how cool the ceiling is and take a picture. And then playing with making it black and white to see how different it looks. (and to see if it'd make a good quilt design)
This one was taken in the spot where I sat for 15 minutes after getting my first Covid vaccination shot. Both of these ceiling shots were at Stanford Medical facilities, I'm betting that they have a corporate wide interior treatments list because they're very very similar. Or maybe this is just the style these days?
Pretty moody. And a possible quilt design with all those great horizontal and vertical lines and angles.

Friday, April 02, 2021

Flower Fri-yay!

 I woke up today thinking it was Saturday for some reason, so I'm all discombobulated. So how about a Flower Friday? These are my favorite flower pictures from the last few months.

This tulip keeps re-blooming every year, it's a little shorter each time, but it's still beautiful.
I was surprised how early the calendula bloomed this year.
Oh Magnolia! I planted this tree on a whim years ago and I'm so glad. 
I'm ready to move in, sometimes I wish I was insect size because isn't this inviting? 

This tulip hung around even through the rain a few weeks ago, very long lasting.

This color is very very hard to photograph, the red content in the magenta color is too much. Geraniums forever.
This is one of the local wildflowers that grows on our street, Pacific Hound's Tongue.
I've had this hyacinth for more than 15 years, it's never been replanted or moved, and it's getting weird. This year the stems were a little floppy, maybe the blooms were too big? I'm glad it's still blooming.
Not a flower obviously, but the surviving rhubarb is doing well.

The cymbidium is gearing up for a nice bloom this year. I love how alien the flower pods look before they open up.

Grape hyacinth, the color the shape, the size and their dependability makes them a favorite.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

On To April


No fooling, it's April! No, really.

My monthly marker is from a mashup of two pictures in SnapSeed. An Anjou pear that my son froze overnight and then had in the refrigerator (no idea), it was just so sparkly and beautiful. 

And one of the last quilting process shots from the Lone Round Robin. 

Looking back, here's a peek at my March, 31 seconds worth, one second every day, thanks to the 1SE app.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March Cornucopia

 This monthly cornucopia scheduled post thing is working out pretty well, so on into March I go. Collecting links and so on to share at the end of the month. The picture is of a drink I make when I feel like I'm getting a cold, sliced lemons, the juice of one lemon, chopped up fresh ginger, some pressed ginger juice, green tea, and honey.


The 100 Day Project, I've seen a lot of folks doing this over on Instagram, if you need some art inspiration go check out the hashtag #100dayproject. I haven't decided whether to do one this year or what to do.  Maybe I'll do another 100 quilt block project, or something else like journal pages or something like that. It feels weird to start it in the middle of the year or month for some reason, I suppose I should just settle on something and do it.


If you're missing going to see art in person, check out this exhibit, Sources of Solace, yes it's online and it's not the same, but the art is very very moving and I felt better after taking the time to go through the exhibit.


Sign up for for Sister Artists 2 - A collaborative art quilt project put on by The Advocacy Project. You'll get to use an embroidered panel by an artist in Kenya to use in a quilt of your own design.


Art Gallery Fabrics has a lot of really nice (and free!) quilt and sewing patterns, I particularly like this one pillow made from flying geese. They also have a board on pinterest with 20+ free spring sewing patterns, there's some beautiful stuff  to make illustrated there.


I learned a whole lot from Fashion Revolution's post Women's Rights and the fashion industry.  #WhoMadeMyClothes indeed!


Such beautiful indigo dyed and hand woven silks at 7Weaves. I love seeing the process pictures.


I spent a relaxing hour + watching this video of a miniature art exhibit displayed in a set of vintage printer's letterpress drawers. It reminded me a bit of the 1,000 Journals project.


If you need a few short stories to read, it's hard to beat reading the entries from the SOA (Society of Actuaries) Speculative Fiction contest. Some really interesting stuff in there.


A great and easy way to make your own chai tea mix using these instructions from our local garden store.