Monday, November 30, 2020

Safe At Home Finished


After months and months, my version of the Safe at Home quilt is done. Well, at least the quilt top is finished. I'm very happy with how it turned out. And I actually like how the last row turned out.

Now I'm deciding on whether to quilt it myself or take it to the local long-arm quilter that I used last time. And I'm working on making the back, more on that later.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Covid Mini Quilt Challenge

 I've started working on a piece to submit to the Curated Quilts newest mini-quilt challenge, the theme is Honor.
This is the fat-quarter pack that covers the color palette for the challenge. The fabric is Bella Solids by Moda. I think it's an interesting grouping of colors, and I'm sketching designs and thinking about how to incorporate the theme of "Honor". More on this one later.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Layered Rock Candy


Time to sew this Rock Candy table topper together the rest of the way, but one last change in the layout.
Here it is with the borders added on and layered for quilting. No exterior points were cut-off or un-pointy! Woohoo! This is a big deal for me, I think those rulers really helped in my improved accuracy. The rest of it went together pretty darn well too. I really like the background fabric that I chose. Now to do some quilting. Free motion or just lines...hmmmm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



I'm having fun playing with a new iPhone app, KaleidaCam. It was recommended by someone I follow on Instagram, Kate Godfrey, (You can follow her at @gollyokate )   There's just something about kaleidoscopic images and the thrill of turning what you see with your naked eye into something so complicated. Endless fun.

These two are the first attempts I did with the app taken from a top-down view of my pincushion. The possibilities of this are endless and the app itself is very easy to use. I'm finding it much more relaxing that playing a game or reading twitter.

It really reminds me of a mantis shrimp.

I had a kaleidoscope program on my old laptop, Kaleidoscope Creator but it wasn't compatible with the Mac so I've missed being able to create kaleidoscope pictures. That was just editing an existing photo into a kaleidoscopic view of it, this new app can do that, but it's true creative power is in using it live.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Safe At Home Visual Decision Making


Here's how the final row in the Safe at Home quilt looks as originally designed with the rest of the rows all sewn together.
I really dislike the solid stripe of yellow, and the absence of the background as in all the other blocks. It looks like it belongs on another quilt except for the same colors/fabrics.

Turning some of the orientation of the blocks helps a little, breaking up that big yellow line is better. 
But it's still missing the grey background.

Adding a bar of grey and reorienting the blocks to have the purple which is a thinner rectangle helps.

But it's still just too much yellow. Adding in some more grey instead of the final yellow logs in the block might work. I still haven't decided. Maybe I'll take one block out and frame them in grey if I can work the math out. Or maybe I'll just make a different block altogether... It is my quilt after all, right?

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Go Bears!


Here's the logo of the university I attended, University of California at Berkeley. This is the one my parents and mom's parents did too. We yell "Go Bears!" all the time, it's a generic Woohoo! for our family at this point. Sometimes in public, my dad will yell it at someone wearing Cal branded clothing. Every now and then the person will yell it back at him which he loves. Usually he gets a confused look. sigh.

I'm working on making cards for people's birthdays ahead of time (instead of on the day of, hah !) so I'm making one for my dad. I've been playing around with importing images into the CriCut software and the Cal logo seemed like a good one to try out.

It was super easy to bring the image into the program. I really like how the Design Space software works on my laptop better than on the iPad, it's much more robust. So...I really like how it looks on this bear! 

Go Bears!

Friday, November 06, 2020

Rock Candy Decisions

Decisions decisions.

When I last posted about the current Journey2Nebula project, Rock Candy, these first two were the arrangements I had started out with. I settled on the second one, having the darker grey make a prominent star in the center.
I decided to play around with it before just sewing it together and being unhappy with it, and I'm glad I did! Here I tried to put the lightest colors on the outside. But it doesn't quite work.
More fiddling around, looking much better, but my eye keeps getting stuck on that super dark grey with white plus signs.
Ahhh much better. Worth the time to cut a few extra pieces of fabric. Still pretty dark, but not as contrasty within the fabric shape itself.

I think this might be the final version that I've landed on. But I am still hesitating to start sewing it together. Maybe I'll just dive in. I like the dramatic look the dark grey background gives this piece in process.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Last Row


Jumping backwards to finish the final row of the Safe At Home quilt. This row is an offset log cabin. And  my first decision was whether or not to include some of the grey background in the blocks. As it's designed, there wasn't to be any background. 

After 'making visual decisions visually,' I went with using none of my background color, grey. Of course this is just a single block and not a row's worth of blocks, so I'm still a little unsure of how it will look with such a background intensive design for all the other rows in the quilt. 
Visually it will be quite an "anchor".

The colorful chaos of my worktable. The box has all the cut pieces not used from this project. Presumably I'll assemble them into something that goes on the back of the quilt.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

November, November

Happy November, it's one that's I've been looking forward to for four years. 

The entire state of California, which is where I live was mailed an absentee ballot. So that's how we voted this year. We dropped our completed ballots off in one of the many convenient ballot drop boxes, and done. Easy peasy, no waiting in line and worrying about catching Covid. I really really wish it was this easy for every single American citizen. It should be, and it's not, which is not fair--on purpose. Which is even worse in my opinion. 

It was nice that they gave us an "I Voted" sticker in the absentee ballot packet. I put it on the back of my cellphone for now.

Then after we had dropped the ballot in the box I wondered if it had been picked up. It was super easy to track my ballot online which was pretty cool to be able to see where it was in the process. They even gave me a digital sticker:

The monthly marker image above is another Snapseed creation, combining two photos and a bunch of edits. It's this one:

plus this one: