Tuesday, November 30, 2021

November Cornucopia


Here's November's Cornucopia post, a collection of links of things I've read or enjoyed this month.


Really recommend buying the video lectures that Rosalie Dace has done through Stitchin' Post


Two Art Gallery Fabric table-runner patterns I considered making for Thanksgiving this year, well maybe for next year?


From the kitchen of Rancho Gordo, some great recipes.


Talia Bracha Lavin's excellent essay/rant on the Antivaxx Holocaust.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Design Wall Backup

Current design wall back-up because of all my workroom inactivity. There's a whole lot of traffic stuck in a jam up there. Two quilt sandwiches that are all ironed and ready for spray basting. Courthouse Steps is in front and behind is the Kitchen Sink Quilt.
The rows I've assembled for the Japanese Village quilt.
I got the biggest (and oldest) quilt, Safe at Home layered and spray basted, it's lying on the fabric/quilt heap. Has been since October, sigh.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Monday, November 08, 2021

Box of Fun

Another great box of goodies arrived in this month's Quilty Box. I really love this color of thread, it's called "orange" and it's definitely in the orange range, but I'd say it's a lot towards the yellow side of things. It's a Wonderful Tutti 50wt, so I'm going to try some hand-stitching with it. The fabrics are not necessarily all ones I would pick, but I like the colors, and when it's all cut up the designs will not be at all bothersome. I don't care for the quilt pattern included this month, so I think I'll use one of my Sizzix dies instead. The folding scissors are so pretty and quite sharp, very handy. And I've never seen one of these Yazzii bags in person, I think it's well-made, a useful size and a nice color.

The receipt of this box full of fabrics, calls for some fun laundry time with my other recent purchases that were waiting for enough to fill up the washer. I forgot to put in the usual two or three Color Catchers, and there was one white fat quarter and several very pale ones, but it was A-Ok, no excess dyes jumped over, phew!


Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Oh November

Oh November. It's our big birthday month around here, 4 family birthdays, my Daughter, Husband, Father, and Sister-in-Law. And it's starting out rainy but not too rainy which is awesome.

Monthly marker was made with Snapseed combining these two photos.

When the leaves from the angel's trumpet turn yellow and fall, they're very big and dramatic about it.

I still am enjoying this texture-y picture of my latest wall quilt.

1SE Video for October, a real smorgasbord this month: