Monday, December 27, 2010

Finally Finishing Work Worth The Time

 Whoops, back to posting after the too-long break for celebrating the Winter Holidays, hope you have had a good break too.  I really have some catching up to do with showing you all the weekly six-word memoir quiltlets, so be prepared for one after another until I've posted them all.  This one is number 36!
 Words say: "Finally Finishing Work Worth The Time".  And yes, I'll be posting pictures of the pieces I did actually finish which these words refer to, ones that had been hanging around in the finish-ASAP-pile for an embarassingly long time.
Nothing terribly special about this one, just scraps from the work table from recently completed works, some of which were made using a silk skirt (the zebra-esque print), upholstery fabrics,and a cotton print.  I especiallylike the added texture and interest from using the stitched hems of the skirt and raveled edges of the upholstery fabrics.

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Dancing Heart said...

Fabulous Julie!!!