Friday, October 08, 2010

Falling For Inspiration

Regular inspiration luckily comes in the mail, which is the fun of subscribing to the Equilter's Monthly Stash Club.  I'm currently getting the Batik & Bali Hand-Dyes version, but have gotten the Creative Juices before, both are useful and inspiring and useful!  Some of these will most likely make it into my long-in-process Halloween Houses quilt.
They also make a nice background for photographing random stuff, like this cool colored glitter.  Yes, I know, I know, Martha Stewart, but still, look at these colors!I know I've put this up before, but  I like the combination of the fat quarter fabrics, thiis notecard/envelope and my stamped eye.Now to think of some way to combine them all, instead of random happenstance on top of my worktable!
And lastly,of course an October must not be allowed to pass without the purchase of additional Halloween-themed fabric of some kind.  This year it is scary and Haunted Wizard of Oz.  It just cracked me up and I liked the way the design is done on this one.

I had so much fun last year participating in this blog-tour-Halloween Party, I'll be doing it once again, so be sure to come back on October 16th to see what I come up with.  And if you want to also participate (yes, do it!), go sign up at A Fanciful Twist.


Jaye said...

The Wizard of Oz fabric creeps me out. The original creeped me out and this is worse!

Judy Warner said...

That is a diverse set of prints to work with. They just beg to be used in fall designs, don't they! Wish I had time to be in the Halloween project. Maybe next year.

Laume said...

Hey, where's your party post!?

Rita A. said...

I found you through the Blog Hop. I'm Slowly working my way through. I just viewed a few of your pages and already feel inspired.
Thank you.

Rita A. (No. 2)

Jaye said...

You can use your eye on a page like my red journal pages!