Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Beading Basics

I'm a wanna-be beader,  mostly I buy beads, and use them by sewing them onto my quilts. I finally read the magazines and books I've been collecting and actually bought some of the tools I needed to make some jewelry for myself.  Boy do these ever make a big difference.  Wish I had bought them back when I first started trying to make stuff.  Yes, the right tools really do make the job easier. 

Buying all the components from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads big selection, and then putting them together is pretty easy for a beginner like me.  I liked the expressions on these probably supposed to be Buddha faces.

Two pairs of moonstone earrings, haven't decided which are my favorite, but I'm enjoying wearing them and nothing has fallen apart yet.


Jan said...

Nice earrings, Julie. Are you sure that isn't supposed to be Mr. Potato Head? Just kidding, I like that face. I always enjoy ordering from Fire Mt. too.

Hey thanks for your comments on my blog about the hairy quilts. And yes I love the Decemberists! I never heard of them until recently, first I bought The Crane Wife and loved it so I got The Hazards of Love and love that even though it is rather a horror story. Song? Funny how a band or singer can be out there for years and never come into my ears until late. They are a Portland band too, and I'm from Portland. I should know every band from Portland, yes? Ha ha.

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Jan. Hah, Mr. Potato Head, I love it! I highly recommend seeing The Decemberists in concert, they are absolutely amazing performers. I saw them do the whole Hazards of Love album. To.Die.For. When we were in Portland I heard them on several store's music systems which was a nice surprise.