Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Stack O' Books

Extra large stack of recent reading material.  I just liked all the colors together.  Have I read every page and tried every project or technique in all these books and magazines, um no.  But all of it goes into the data bank for future use, food for thought, etc.  
Should I do some book reviews? I've toyed with the idea and guess that it might be worth a try.


Karoda said...

I've combed my bookshelves with the intent of weeding books out but it is sooooo difficult...they are filled with inspiration over and over. I have stacks everywhere myself. You have many here that I do not I say yes, do some book reviews :)

Julie ZS said...

I've done the same thing, and haven't got rid of much at all. I still find inspiration in most of the ones that I've purchased over the years. Ok, since you've asked so nicely, I'll do some book reviews.

Jaye said...

Shocking how similar our to read piles are!