Wednesday, June 14, 2023

End of January


I know I know this looks like an Oliso ad or something. But I'm really pleased with how well the mini iron  is working for this Temperature quilt project. It's just the right size for these small seams that each needs to be pressed open as you sew. And it's very manageable to handle from a seated position. I found that using it for hours didn't overtax my hands or arms. 

Also, in good mini iron news, I discovered that you can actually turn it off. It's just not clearly labeled on the iron. Silver on grey doesn't work for my eyes apparently. It also doesn't make a physical click that tells you it's off and the light stays on. But it does really turn off. So that's good to know, as I was complaining about with someone at one of the BAM sew days, you don't have to keep unplugging it after all.

At this point I gently folded up the 20 day's worth of column and pinned it to avoid stretching all those bias edges as I moved it around to sew on the new pieces. That made it a lot easier to handle.

January 2023 is finished! In more than one way...

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