Thursday, June 08, 2023

Nine Ranges


I've now cut out enough half-hexies to cover my January temperature range (28°to 70°). All nine ranges pictured here. As this is taking a whole lot of time and will end up being very rainbow-beautiful with my dyed fabrics, I've decided to make this a bed sized quilt instead of a wall or lap quilt. That means I need more of one black fabric to use as the background. I have lots of one and two yard pieces of black fabrics, but of course I need more than that. Sigh. And once I have that purchased and washed, I can cut some out the background shapes required for the background of the January column and finally get started sewing on this project.

I still need to cut out the other 11 temperature ranges that cover temperatures above 70°. And I'll be doing some match dyeing to make more fabric to supply the most popular temperature readings over the course of the year. It's all guessing at exactly how many 66-70° days we'll have, even halfway through the year. 
It seems Super Unlikely that we'll have even one 121-125° day, but I'll be ready to cut out a pink half-hexie if we do. A lot would have to change weather-wise very very quickly for us to get there though. But hey, it did get all the way up to 116° in 2020 when we had the fire evacuation.
Actually I probably didn't even need these last two categories on my list and I likely will not cut any shapes out ahead of time.
I am enjoying the colorful confetti vibe of the scraps though.

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