Friday, June 16, 2023

ICAD Landscapes

Another week full of ICAD work. That's one Index Card A Day. Continuing on with my "Words In Landscape" theme. This first one is the sort of hard rain where you really can't see anything else.
Just felt the need for some cartoon clouds.

The next two cards were created together. I first sketched between two cards side by side.
Then I added the water.

Next was the addition of some words. 
I like how different each one looks on its own when you separate them.
Prairie feelings.
Have I been here? Death Valley maybe? It's a landscape that's just there in the back of my mind.
Cities are part of the landscape too. If only the buildings could be this colorful.
An attempt at somewhat brutalist architecture, except for the curved windows. Influenced by my time at Cal living next door to the Berkeley Art Museum and very near the impressively brutalist architecture building, Wurster Hall.

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