Sunday, June 25, 2023

Max Temp


One of the main reasons that I recently pulled all the dyeing stuff out, dusted it off, and actually put dye powder in chemical water and onto white fabric was that I needed some orange and red-orange for the Temperature quilt. Although given the last month's temperatures, I really may not need all that much after all.
The hottest temperature that I've cut out pieces for so far is the 86-90° range. That cheddar yellow-orange in the upper right. So that means that the next step should be 91-95° and it should be just orange, then the next would be red-orange, then red, right?

Well the fabric I had initially chosen for the orange and red-orange spots as you can see in the picture are really not those colors. Because I didn't have anything dyed in straight-up orange, I think I've probably used it up over during my non-dyeing years. Just like I've run out of lime-greens. You tend to use up what you like and all that, right? The color I put in the orange slot was instead a strange washed-out peach? Which does not fit in at all with the rest of the intensity of my rainbow of choices. And the one I put in the red-orange slot is much too pastel and more of a pink tone. The red was fine.

I tried out a few rearrangements of the fabric that I've just dyed and moved some of the choices around.

I think this arrangement will work out much better. And boy oh boy is it ever hard to photograph reds and red oranges well.  The bottom two fabrics look like very close shades of red and they are not at all.
The last category fabric represents 116-120° and if I need anything past that, I'd probably just make something with X's on cartoon eyes because we'd be absolute goners. Here's' hoping and fingers and toes crossed that does not come to pass this year or any other.

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