Monday, June 26, 2023

Six PPPP Blocks


(PPPP= Pantone Project Paper Pieced)
Back into the Pantone Project box, and I found that I had 6 postcards from friend Jaye to match up and make blocks for. Here's my fabric choices for each one.
Here's all six blocks and 4.5" squares X2 and their corresponding postcards. Oooh I really like how this arrangement looks. So very pointy!

A bit closer up view of three of the blocks and fabric squares.
And the final three. Yes that one for Desert Sand isn't reading too well here, but the seed shapes are pretty darn close. I thought the patterned fabric looked better than the solid that I had that still wasn't an exact match. Close enough is our rule, so there you go.

That makes 51 postcards received, and 51 blocks made, that means we're more than halfway done!

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