Saturday, October 29, 2022

Collective Rainbow

My first Color Collective arrived and its an absolutely beautiful rainbow so I'm already quite happy about the whole thing. For those not in the know, this is a fabric/block club via Sewtopia, curated by Tara Faughnan. Someone from BAM posted about how much they'd enjoyed doing Color Collective last year and it sounded like fun. Apparently I'm getting in on the tail end of things as this is the last time it's being run.
Ten clear beautiful colors and two intriguingly textured ones as well. This is going to be the deal going forward every seven deliveries. Well, it's 10 solids and 2 textures, don't know about whether the "clear and beautiful description" will hold through the other six deliveries. I'm honestly very interested in the the textures and how they'll play with the solids.
It was hard to stop taking pictures from many angles. The Color Collective block of the month isn't available for a few more days (11/1), so I'll have time to wash these beauties. I go back and forth on liking working with Kona solids, they're very hefty compared to other solids, and sew up differently than others. I hope Tara Faughnan will have some tips on that, especially in getting accurate 1/4" seams, bulk at seam intersections, etc. There's an interactive portion of this thing every month and a Facebook group, so I guess I'll get to ask.
I took this picture with the little labels with the color names for future reference. The solids are all Kona, and the two textured ones are both Robert Kaufman. The violet is Manchester 92%cotton/45%lurex/3% Polyester. and the green is Essex Yarn Dyed 55% Linen-45%Cotton blend (btw that's a link to the color Lime not Pickle as Pickle is not listed on the Sewtopia site but here it is on Hawthorne Supply.) I might probably definitely need some more of this Pickle's basically the color of our living room couches which could use some arm and corner covers at this point.


Jaye said...

Those are much better colors than I have seen in other Color Collective months. Does your subscription include the quilt/block pattern?

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

It's a pretty straightforward rainbow selection, I'm not expecting that every time. The sub includes the block pattern, videos, a FB group.