Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Gift Bag-Case-Pouch

 One of the best presents I received this holiday was another awesome gift bag, well maybe I should call it a case instead? The pattern is called the Hackney Pouch, so I suppose it's a pouch. A pouch with a very handy handle on one end.

Friend Jaye gifted me one of her beautifully made Hackney bags. It's so gorgeous, and I was so pleased to see how well it matched some of my recently dyed fabric. She wrote a post about it on her blog here with more info about the pattern and construction.

The very slightly contrasting zipper is such a great color choice, it highlights the edge like a frame when you see the pouch top from this angle. 
I love that the purple couch fabric got used again for this one because it matches the great Mini-Maker case for the mini Oliso iron she gave me in 2020. 
Match-y match-y is definitely my jam sometimes.
I  really love the two interior labels, aren't they both great?
And the interior pocket is made of a clear sparkly glitter vinyl so I can see what I've stashed in there. It held a whole lot of great gifts inside, so this bag-case-pouch is both spacious and capacious. 

In my opinion friend Jaye is no longer practically a professional at this bag making thing, she's a full-on for-real professional at this point. Amazing what making bags for years does for your skills mastery isn't it?


Jaye said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am glad you like it.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

You are welcome, of course. It's a really great addition to my stash of bags.