Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wardrobe Refashion, Beginning Again

I've been participating in this Wardrobe Refashion challenge kind of haphazardly for more than a year now. But I thought I'd give it six more months to give it another try, and follow-through on completing some of the refashioning projects I have started, planned, dreamed about, or not thought up yet.

  • There are several t-shirts that have been over-dyed, but didn't turn out too well, and will be re-re-re-dyed at least once more.

  • A few shirts will be stamped with some of my hand-carved stamps.

  • One of said t-shirts I'll be using potato starch resist on, to see if I can get a similar look to one of my favorite pieces of fabric I've ever dyed.

  • There are several skirts that I'm modifying, to make them wearable once again.

  • And some shirts that I'm rehabbing or transforming with additions or substractions (oooh mysterious eh?)

I'll admit it. I'm just too stubborn to throw out this pile of stuff. I just know that it is worth spending not tooooo much time on to get something unique and cool out of the whole deal.

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Laume said...

I've totally lost track of how long it's been since I started the refashioning challenge but I'm no where near ready to stop yet. I haven't made anything recently, but I'm thrilled at all the clothing I have NOT bought this year. I've been meaning to put up a blog about it. Soon.