Sunday, January 04, 2009

Movie Theatre Inspiration

We recently went to the Del Mar theatre in Santa Cruz, one of those re-done old-style movie theatres, with lots of great art deco touches. I think they did a great job on the refurbishment job, many authentic touches and fun things to notice when you're waiting around for your movie. This is a shot of the sign out the second story lounge window.
Zach and Marc discussing the movie. We took our boys and several of their friends to go see the movie Milk. (which is a really great portrait of this inspirational gay rights leader, Sean Pean is completely amazing). Check out the ceiling behind them, pretty detailed!
I love this mirror shot of Zach.
The faux painting was really well done, this fooled my eye at first. The bit around the base of the lamp is not a 3D plaster ornament, it is just a flat painting. Those are the original lamp fixtures from the theatre. It is nice when they re-use the original stuff after a refurbishment, a good connection with the past.
They did a lot of decorative painting on the ceilings with shiny gold paint. Several of these designs would look nice on a quilt border wouldn't they?
Alex thinking about the movie. Or pausing in-between slipping off the slippery leather couches.
I love clouds like this. Don't they look so edible?

One of the original theater seats, pretty swoopy design, looks like a race car.

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Laume said...

There's an old theatre in Redding that has been refurbished - oh my stars, it's like something out of an old glamour movie. We got to tour it during a downtown event. I don't think they use it for movies though, but for real theatre. We're lucky to have one of those old theatres in our small town. They refurbished it a about ten years ago and they did a great job of maintaining that old fashion luxury look. And they made it better by replacing the very old uncomfortable hard seats with plush new ones with nice cup holders on the ends of the moveable arm rests