Friday, January 16, 2009

Honoring My Inspirations

The second week of reading "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women", and the secret is Honoring Your Inspiration

For me, it all comes down to noticing. Being present, where you are, right now, breathing in, breathing out. The usual loveliness of a river scene suddenly transformed by two tiny steps taken in the right direction.

That is all it took.
Two steps to the left.
And then I got this.
One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken in my life.
All because I looked, really truly looked at what was right in front of me. Something I've seen so many times, that the beauty of it is mundane. But suddenly transformed by the moment's observation being captured by the lenses of my eyes and camera.
This lesson is taught over and over again when we spend time out in Nature. (and yes I capitalize Nature, just like another person might capitalize God). But most of the time we're closed off to noticing it, and aren't learning this lesson.
What is it we are supposed to learn?
I think that the ultimate point is that: it is all here, right in front of you, everything you need to create whatever you imagine, every curl of every leaf, every crisscross of branches, face glimpsed in a rock or sinuous movement of a garden snake left in the dirt at your feet. All of this is your source material for a lifetime of artistic creation, if and only if you slow down enough to notice it, absorb it, record it and then go back to your studio and use it.
A quote from this chapter of the book: "Nature has been for me, for as long as I can remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion." Lorraine Anderson


eddy said...

It is indead very be beatifull.

Arty Em said...

a beautiful river scene - this is a totally wonderful way to feed the muse, and thanks for sharing your view with us!

Kavindra said...

What a beautiful perspective on things, a totally beautiful post. Your writing is exquisite. This reads like a poem.

Gerrie said...

That is gorgeous. The second it came into my view on the screen, it grabbed at me.

Lisa said...

Beautiful. It's so wonderful that you could see it so that the rest of us can, too.

Genie Sea said...

Enchanting! Like the trees :)

peppylady said...

Step forward step to left sooner or later you will see, smell or hear something to create.
A simple movement or simple minute can bring the beauty out.

Coffee is on.

Sacred Suzie said...

You are amazing! Photography is so great that way. We just need a slightly different angle or perspective and then voila, we captured the moment perfectly. Nature is so inspiring, I love this post.

Thank you for your support and confirming I do not have a squirrel's voice, LOL. Although in some ways that would be kinda cool. Wish I could have you over for tea, you could try out my chocolatey chocolate chip cookies with me! I'd love to share them with you.

Deirdre said...

Great photo - I hope you have printed it out - or are having it printed out, framed and hung. It would look great in your studio or where everyone could enjoy it!

:-D eirdre

traveler one said...

What a lovely photo... wow!

The idea of notiicing everything is powerful indeed. I liked how the book told us to "Be spongelike!"

Kim H

intothedawn said...

What an incredible photo! Thank you for reminding me to take the time to be present in the here and now, I often forget.

Love the quote too-- How did I miss that one? It's so true.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

ah yes, changing your perspective. I wonder sometimes why my camera doesn't see what I do. It's that jump to the left and then a step to right... working with nature instead of trying to get it to pose. Thank you for sharing!

Caroline said...

What a wonderful example of a small change making a huge difference!

Thank you so much for showing that.

Jamie Ridler said...

Oh, yes! What beauty! What an amazing shot! And what a great reminder that magic can exist only 2 steps away. I'm going to remember that.

Ixsandra said...

Beautiful photo. Beautiful words. Thank you.

Jaye said...

lxsandra said what I was going to say. I am thrilled to see how many comments you got on this wonderful post. Excellent observation!