Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Sunny Exquisite Corpse

Another one of the round two exquisite corpse projects has been revealed, so I'm going to show the part I did on Susan's. Hers was divided up rather differently in pentagon shapes arranged in a flower shape, only meeting up at the center. Each of the spaces had a word, mine was Sun, if I'm remembering correctly.

Susan included green fabric cut in the correct shape to cover up the front and back, so the green you see is three other spaces that have been worked on. She also included quilt batting which made it nice to work on. She's right that it is hard to quilt after there are embellishments added! Here is the initial design I came up with here. I used several cottons as well as some gold velvety upholstery fabric.

Then I added some beading, and was much more satisfied with how the whole thing looks.
A closeup of the beading, with the enormous yellow bead serving as the focal point for the end design.

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And I am very pleased with your contribution Julie