Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Scraps Corralled

So I've been lamenting my overload of scraps lately right?
Well, at last weekend's wonderful CQFA retreat, I managed to make a substantial dent in one of my scrap boxes by sewing random strips to a foundation. (The foundation was free fabric of course, the most atrocious seaside vacation print, no I'm not showing it to you, my retinas are still recovering).

The intention for these is to make many more of these quilt chunks of different sizes and then wide border them all in a deep red for a bed quilt. Or maybe black, we'll see.

I've been inspired by reading about scrap management at Quiltville. Not sure I'm into going quite that far to get the scraps organized, but it is making me think about how to make this valuable resource easier for me to actually use .

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Laume said...

adorable! Makes me want to run to the studio right now and start scrappin'. Alas, it would take me at least a half hour to dig out the boxes and bags of scraps, and hubby is waiting for me to get ready so we can go out to lunch, so, not gonna happen. Maybe later today I'll at least get into the studio. I've got plans. They also involve digging out supplies, but not quite so inaccessible.