Saturday, January 03, 2009

Up On The Sea Walk

A walk along the road in Santa Cruz on a just-about-to-be-rainy-day.
A surfer walks in to the shore.
The safety railing isn't looking too safe anymore. But look at that cool texture.

No, really I don't think it is very safe, and I see kids hanging on them! The dropoff down to the rocks below isn't something you'd want to fall off of. But look at the interesting colors and patterns in this distressed metal.

Think anyone will be fixing them anytime soon? I doubt it. But the rust looks pretty cool from an artistic viewpoint. I just have to take off the worried-mom hat to enjoy it!

The stormy skies converge on the Santa Cruz Lighthouse (and surf museum).

This lawn used to be over-run by dogs (and their leavings) but then they started cracking down
on dogs in public spaces, sigh.
The dramatic sky doesn't impress the sea lions or seagulls.

But it impresses me. Just look at those shadows cast on the ocean's surface by the towering clouds.
I tried playing with changing the color to black and white and it didn't make much difference in this picture, it was such a grey day to begin with.

This was the last picture I took, my camera battery gave up. These birds let me get really close, as if they were much more worried about keeping warm.

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Deb said...

Thanks so much for the field trip to the sea. It made me stop and calculate that I have not been to the ocean since March of 2007 and I am suffering for the lack.