Thursday, January 22, 2009

Close, Closer, Closest

Walking around while waiting for new front tires, I finally got to take some pictures of a vintage motel sign I've always admired.
One of those things you see and say to yourself , "oh, I really should get a picture of it before they take it down and put up a Motel 6 sign". But you never do, because it isn't in a destination area, it is in that in-between destinations zone that one just doesn't ever have a reason to stop in. But when you are walking then there is time and opportunity and if you have your camera, all the better.

I took these pictures in sequence as I walked towards the sign. I think it is useful and interesting to look at them all together in a group, it helps me examine my use of framing and editing in my other art pursuits.

There is so much vertical emphasis with those big trees right next to it. They seem out of proportion to the sign.

Switching to a vertical format makes it seem more intentional to have all that verticality in the image.

From this view, it looks like the sign in hung on the tree right behind it.

My favorite view of the sign. I'd love to have that font to use on my computer. I bet there already is a "Vintage Motel Font".
For more great vintage motel signs (but not vintage Hotel signs! Oh no, not allowed) check out this flickr group.


Sacred Suzie said...

Good for you for taking the time to really frame the subject and for experimenting with it! And for capturing a part of history before someone destroys it. I love these old signs and agree, the last one is definitely the best. I love seeing the details!

Thank you also for your bday wishes, you're a sweetie!

Jaye said...

I have admired this sign as well and am thrilled that you took the photo. Thanks for sharing. I hope they NEVER take it down!

My word is beedok