Sunday, January 18, 2009

Remembering the Frozen Past

It seems like forever ago, but we had a bit of a cold snap just two weeks in the past. Hard to remember when we're in the middle of the normal early summer in the middle of winter week. Outside water bowls were iced over, the deck was slippery, that type of thing, not too major compared to the rest of the country of course. But I took some pictures, because just that little bit of a temperature change below the freezing point really changes how the mundane looks.
A car window looks so thick and strong under all the ice coating it.

The dying rose gets a last chance of beauty when dusted over with frost.

Even the deck railings were more interesting looking. So furry and soft.

Looks like powdered sugar has been sprinkled over the dead ferns.

That one big drop of frozen dew really drew my eye. And I now see that the outline of the hollyhock flower is edged in white.


Connie Carpenter Macko said...

LOVE these shots! It is wonderful to notice things in a different way. I'm screaming at the evils of snow at my house, but at your's the cold is screaming beauty to me!

Jaye said...

These are so gorgeous. I love the wood. Missed you yesterday.