Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two More To Do

Here are two new patterns I've bought recently, they're both from Indygo Junction.
Now normally, I wouldn't buy something from a company that intentionally (at least I hope so!) mispells one of the words in their company name. That kind of thing just irks me, not sure why, but it does. Don't get me started on Disney's Winnie the Pooh. arrrggghhh, not helpful when you're trying to teach your kid's to learn to read and spell!
But the designs were eye-catching to me to get past the company name, as well as the interesting fabric choices in the models made up on the front.

I am admitting to myself (and you), that I know that I suffer from an addiction for buying clothing patterns that I don't always get around to actually making. I have several projects that have been cut out, (which is where most of my missing pins are, the pins are still holding the pattern paper to the fabric pieces!), and I have a few in-process projects in various stages of sewn-together-ness that have been in-process for so long, they are probably honestly never going to make it into my clothing closet.
But this particular pattern caught my eye. Probably because I made a skirt out of the fabric on the lower left part of the left-hand dress. But I'm looking for new ideas on what to wear during the day. Knit pants and tops or knit shorts and tops is just getting too boring. I did find that I liked wearing the skirts I made myself last year, so maybe a dress or two in spring-y fabrics would be a good bet for breaking out of my apparel rut.

Just look at the detail of the hem on the left. That was what made me buy this pattern. Oh, that and the cool fabric choices shown. And probably the assymetrical closure. That and I need new pj's and haven't much in the stores to my liking. Now to go shopping in my fabric stash for likely candidates to make these up. Maybe even in my box of Asian fabrics... I'll let you know if I actually start/and/or finish them.

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