Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Illustration of Framing

Three separate pictures taken at the Santa Cruz Wharf at sunset a week ago. This is not an exercise in digital cropping, but illustrating how different the same scene can look depending on what you include in your original shot.
First picture shows the entire boat on the dock.
Only half of the boat and on the right, the edge of the point of land.

No sign of the boat, just the edge of the dock, more emphasis on the beauty of the sunset clouds reflected in the water, and more of the land to the right.
Which one do you prefer out of the three?
I think my favorite is the middle one, the sky looks so sherbert-y, the reflections of the posts of the dock are intriguing, and I like how the jet contrail points at the boat, just in case you didn't notice it.


Laume said...

It's amazing what a big difference a tiny shift can make. I think the middle is my fave as well but I like all three for different reasons.

Sacred Suzie said...

I like all of the crazy energy in the first one, especially the jet line in the sky but that's the great thing about photography, we all have different perspectives. Some of the best photography advice I have gotten is: 1) don't be afraid to zoom in 2) keep things off center.

No matter what, it's up to you! And I'm so happy you're joining us at 12 Secrets!

Sacred Suzie said...

And I totally love your witchy widgets! I borrowed the Twitter one, I hope you don't mind.