Saturday, January 10, 2009

On The Wharf, At Night

It is different going down to the wharf at night, the sounds of the sea lions underneath are muffled in the quiet, the pungent fishy smells seem less sharp as there is no wind, and there are less people.

See, blue and red really do make purple. That ceiling is really just painted white, but at night the colorful neon sign makes it appear to be a lovely purple.

A porthole window looks in on the glassware hanging over the bar. We used to have a porthole window in our first home, which was named(before we bought it)SnugHarbor. Indeed it was, at 840 square feet. I find I do miss having a round window in our house, it was unique and a fun way to look out at the world.

I love the rounded roof line and shape of this building. It looks like a little tug boat stuck right onto the dock.

The same picture but blurry. I kind of like this one better.
More exciting, implies movement and energy, something happening besides sitting on a bench, waiting for the shrimp cocktail you've ordered at the take out window.

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Connie Carpenter Macko said...

good to know my art teacher was right! I like the blurred photo better too... if I took it - I'd hate it. yours? very cool!