Friday, January 02, 2009

December's Moon

Continuing my quest for a great full moon shot. I really like the rainbow effect from the cloud cover. It sure was bright last month. This month I'll have to arrange to be somewhere other than by on my driveway, those trees get in the way.

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art we recently saw some of the earliest pictures ever made, some of which were taken through telescopes. The ones of the moon were amazing, and I thought how that must have been to see a picture of the surface of the moon back in 1870. Without our first hand knowledge of what that heavenly body was really like. It seems so commonplace now doesn't it? We can't do that really, can we? Because we've seen with our own human eyes those moon rocks in the Smithsonian, and the astronauts have seen and told us about the thick moon dust, we have those photographs of the epic footprints that remain, and of course the left-behind flags and other space travel debris that litter the surface of our satellite.

Once you've (not personally but as the collective humankind), gone someplace, then it isn't ever the same mystery is it?


Judy H in NC said...

I love "moon through the trees" or "moon through the clouds" shots. Unfortunately, never able to get any of my own. Since I have to walk the dog about 5am most mornings, I have seen some great moons.

jovaliquilts said...

I saw that exhibit in October, really interesting. I guess we always need 'new frontiers', and I can't fathom what they will be in the future.