Sunday, January 11, 2009

Britex and 1000 Journals

Some photos from a recent trip to San Francisco with friend Jaye, specifically to go see the 1000 Journals exhibit at the SFMOMA, but first we had to stop in at Britex Fabrics.
I love going there, even if I'm not looking for anything, it fun to just be in a big city building devoted to fabric. Four floors of it. We were searching for a red flannel, but they didn't have much that wasn't girly or flowery or non-Christmassy. Oh well. But it was fun to look at the rack and rows of colors and sparkly embellished silks that cost more than my mortgage payment.

The 1000 Journals Project was started a few years ago by someguy, he sent out 1000 moleskine journals into the world, some requested, some at random. A website was set up where their location could in theory be tracked. Most of them have never been returned. But there were many on display at the museum. It was great fun to read through them all. Unfortunately there was a lot of stuff basically defaced by cretins and clods, I'm talking to you Mr. Orange Highlighter.

The way the exhibit was set up there was a reading desk attached to the wall, where the journal was also attached by a cable. Here is a photo of a page by one of my fave journalists Tracy Moore of zettiology fame.

But eventually we figured out that there were drawers underneath filled with glue sticks, markers and colored pencils. After a brief break looking through our purses to see if there was any interesting emphera to put in a journal entry, I found enough and started in on an existing blank page. It was hard working standing up, and with museum goers watching over my shoulder. But I perservered and came up with this (click pic for slightly larger).

I happened to spot another page done by Tracy Moore, this one was about lomography which is a funny coincidence as my son, Zach has recently purchased a Holga camera and is off on the adventure of lomography. Very fun results in his pictures so far. I'm trying to talk him into setting up a blog to put them on, more on that later I hope.

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Anonymous said...

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