Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Persimmon Permission

Have you ever eaten a persimmon? I got talked into it recently by my son. He had eaten one somewhere and was trying to convince me they were good to eat. And I'm pleased to announce that he was absolutely correct, persimmons are definitely tasty.
Who knew?
My only experience with persimmons (Hachiya) was the ooshy squishy ones that used to lurk on the kitchen counter until my mom would make the fabulous persimmon bread for holiday gift giving. They weren't sweet enough until they were close to turning to the dark side.
Turns out there is another kind (Fuyu), which is firm and sweet and a lovely consistency. Reminded me of an apple, but not quite that firm. Not squishy at all. I'm glad I listened to Alex. And I'm glad we cut open the persimmon to see what it looked like inside (our standard M.O. whenever we try a new fruit or vegetable).
Now to make a persimmon carved stamp. Muuuuuuch easier than the pomegranate I wanted to do. I love the shape of the typical persimmon, so squat, stable, and curvy. The interior is an interesting design too, isn't it?
There is a persimmon tree that I admire every year as I drive by, it stands kind of alone in a field and is so beautiful in the winter, the orange globes seem lit up, as they are the only color in the landscape besides the new green of the grass below. Some year I will take a picture, but alas I am too late as the tree is now bare.


jovaliquilts said...

Well, I'll be! I like persimmons (though we don't get them in the midwest), but I don't believe I've ever cut one across and seen the inside. Neat, and it looks great on the B&W towel.

Lunaea said...

I know the exact tree you are talking about, and I keep meaning to take pictures too. It has so many beautiful stages, the flame-colored leaves in autumn, and then leaves and fruit, and then just the bare branches with fruit. Between the two of us, let's get some pix this year!

Jaye said...

Your persimmon looks like it belongs here: