Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Atomic Pillowz Program Expanded

More pillows needed to be converted into Atomic Pillowz. Alarming Orange was called for, so into the 70's bin I dove:

No, I chickened out and didn't use this. I just didn't think I could bear to look at it every day in my studio. But what is it for? Why do I still have it? Should I use the "quilting" stitches as a guide and actually do what the fabric says to??? Don't you hate such bossy fabric?!

A bandana-ish print in a very strange orange brown, do not adjust your monitor, it really is that color! And yes, I used it in a pillow, along with some intense gold cordoroy.

No no no. I did not use this knit! Isn't it fabulous though? Soon to be part of a doll, I think the legs would be best.

After all this auditioning of fabrics, several more pillows have been covered in combinations of new and old fabrics. All in the atomic pillowz series, they make for a fluffy spot to sit and bead on my quilts by the window.

Two of them are using fabrics that didn't make it into the final design for Lunaea's curtain so she gave them to me. Thanks Lunaea! This one above has the handprinted sad eyes fabric that I printed a while ago in the center, surrounded by the freebie strips of fabric Lunaea got from the nice lady at Judy's Sewing.


Laume said...

All these eclectic prints must be oddly related because they look FABO together!! What a fun little cuddle spot.

Lunaea said...

Those look great! I'm so glad they found a happy home, especially the strange ball/moon fabric. And I think that orange one on top wants to be a teddy bear.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I really LOVE the fabric with the balls--that could be cut up and used in so many interesting manners!
I remember MelinaMade when she was pulling the silk screens herself. I used to have samples, and dang, that was NICE STUFF.
Fun work---ATOMIC!!!! NUCLEAR!!!!