Sunday, January 25, 2009

Creature of the Studio

Look at this, I finally caught my studio cat in action and got a good picture of her. Pele is blind in one eye and we think, slightly brain damaged. Her brother knocked the scratching post over on her when she was a kitten and she almost didn't survive the injury.
She's a real sweetie, but only is seen after everyone else has gone to sleep. Most of the time she lives under the couch in the studio, but she loves to sleep curled up on my messy cutting table. So I have to remember to put the tablecloth over it when I leave the room, otherwise everything gets coated in her fur. bleah.
I feel like she is my cat since she inhabits the room where I spend my creative time.

1 comment:

Laume said...

I have a cat like this - sort of a shadow person.
Your title has me singing "Creature of the Night" from a children's tape we used to play a lot.