Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks Lulu!

New glasses! Yes, they are red instead of purple. Made by Lulu Guiness just like the purple ones, but instead of swirls and rhinestones on the temple, there are dotted asterisks with silver bumps. I love them so much and am re-thinking what colors I should wear to go better with them.
It is quite interesting to see who notices, who comments, and who doesn't notice and/or doesn't say anything about them.
I'm not naming names, as I've gotten over taking it personally, but still, it is surprising.
Glasses are like a screen, a mask that one is always wearing (when you're as vision impaired as I am). I feel naked comparatively when I wear contacts. So when the mask changes so substantially, it seems like it would be a noticeable thing.


Gerrie said...

I always notice glasses because I, too, feel naked without mine - and earrings, too!!

Laume said...

I've gotten better, but sometimes I don't notice the obvious. Once it took me most of a day to notice my long term always heavily bearded boyfriend had a hair free face. Or maybe it's a compliment that people see you and not the glasses? Usually I get something confusing like "You did something different....." but people can't really tell what if I change my hair or glasses. My favorite glasses I ever had were a red pair. I've been looking for a red pair every since - going on fifteen years now, and haven't been able to find them. Ironically, I'm not wearing a purple pair - a color that I rarely think of wearing or using. But I really like them. They're called "Eggplant" and they're a dark purple, but lilac on the inside. I hope you love your red glasses as much as I loved mine. I should find a photo of myself in them. Have fun!

Laume said...

That should say "I'm NOW wearing a purple pair...."

jovaliquilts said...

Those are *great* glasses! I'm thinking about getting something more colorful myself. As for noticing, people in fact do not notice. My husband just taught a class on this very thing and it's incredible what prople don't see! Sometimes people notice a change, just don't know what it is. I remember when DH shaved off his beard, people asked if he'd grown a moustache.

Lunaea said...

Definitely don't take it personally, with me anyway. I tend to look right past glasses to the eyes, and if I do notice the glasses, I probably think I've seen them before, because of my bad memory! You should just do what I do -- say boldly, "Hey, how do you like my new glasses?" :-)