Friday, December 01, 2023

Happy December

Happy happy December! The above monthly marker SnapSeed collage is a combination of two pictures and lots of filters.
The first one is a picture that I've shared before, this is one of my single dye bath flag-folded dyeing yardage efforts.
The second is of a pincushion that I'm finishing up making to trade tomorrow at the BAM meeting. More on that later.

Here's the One Second Every Day video for November, which is 30 seconds of course.

Monthly I-Did-It List for November

1. I did the second part of the third unit for the Dye Mastery class.

2. I did the fourth unit for the Dye Mastery class.

3. I did the first part of the fifth and final unite for the Dye Mastery class.

4. I did more dyeing for the Temperature Quilt.

5. I made more Pantone Project blocks.

6. I dyed clothing and a lining for my Y.E.S. coat.

7. I designed a quilt in EQ8.

8. I won a prize of purple threads.

9. I made a back for the Trinket quilt.

10. I  cut out more pieces for the Temperature Quilt and finished the May and June columns.

11. I repaired and improved two of my pieced couch pillows.

I did a whole lot of family visiting stuff, cleaned our house enough to host Thanksgiving and went on one hike with DH.

I attended a BAM Sew Day, blogged here 22/30 days, I tweeted 0 times, instagrammed 8 times,  threaded 4 times and I spouted 0 times, facebooked 1 time and Blue-sky-ed 4 times. Continuing with being semi-social in Too many places at once!

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