Sunday, November 19, 2023

2 Hits 2 Misses


Here are the 2 yards of Cotton Couture that I also dyed. Three of them are attempts at matching some Temperature Quilt colors. The brown one is an older mixed dye that I had in my dye box, Palomino Gold from Dharma Trading. It's quite a nice brown, but as I've now learned in class, a lot of these dyes have reds that can be problematic.

See those spots and streaks of fuchsia? That was in the dye mixture, and that one dye is harder to dissolve completely in solution, so it can streak and spot very unpredictably. Thus the lesson on how to get to a brown that you like, without using the more tempermental reds. I'm going to over dye this one to hide the ickiness of those red spots and streaks.

Yet again another beautiful pinkish purple, but not even close to the 25-30° color. These are all of my attempts to get close in one photo. Nice colors, sure, but not *that* color.
Finally got close enough for the 71-75° range. 

Here are the greens I dyed to get there.

And another close enough color match for the navy, 46-50° range. I really like the mottling I got on these one, I used a much smaller container.

Here are all the lovely blues I dyed on my way to getting there.


Jaye said...

The blues are really nice.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I was really pleased when I put them all together like that.