Saturday, July 02, 2022

Ilustrated Monthly July To-Do

Last month I showed a picture of my design wall, and was noting that I was happy that it had been offloaded from all the many big projects pinned up on top of each other. But I wasn't pleased with having the stuff under and to the side blocking my view. I rearranged and it's a lot better to my eye. But those boxes to the right don't really need to be there or in this room for that matter. So there's more work on that room environment to be done

So here's my To-Do List for July:

Somehow dispose of/disperse/use up/donate the contents of the four big boxes taking up so much room in the corner of my workroom. 

Go through my giant stash of magazines and toss, donate, sell. I need the room for the books I want to keep around in my workroom.

Cut and sew on the third (and final!) circle onto the Orange Bullseye blocks, cut up the finished blocks and distribute.

Finish Faux Goose Chase, make a back, sandwich, quilt, bind, label.

Catch up on making the Pantone Project blocks.

Bind label and donate (maybe) Courthouse Steps.

Quilt, bind and label Kitchen Sink.

Make more Japanese House blocks.

Make more blocks for the Y.E.S. coat.

Make the four green pillows for our couches. 

Finish up  ICAD

Make a removable pillowcase for the big scrap bag.

That's a lot, but it's a lot of variety of things to choose from. Onto July!


Jaye said...

What is a "removable pillowcase for the big scrap bag"?

you are so close to finishing a few projects! So great. I like the design of the courthouse steps quilt, but the colors don't seem like your colors.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Just meant a pillow covering likely with a zipper that can be removed and washed as it will be a pet bed. The big scrap bag is that black and white print thing at the bottom of the post, it's filled with batting and other scraps. The courthouse steps wasn't my color choice at all, it was something included in the Fat Quarter Shop subscription box.