Friday, July 08, 2022

First Six PP Blocks

Here are the first six blocks I've made for the Pantone Project with their accompanying matching postcards. We're also cutting 4.5" squares of the color fabric along with making the blocks. It's nice to be caught up for the moment.
I started out with the easier blocks to convert to 4.5" unfinished size.
They were pretty easy to put together.

But then, friend Jaye very nicely put the rest of the Pattern Play blocks into EQ8 so I don't have to do the math, woohoo! Very helpful, and will be a lot easier to come up with a quilt design in the end when we have 200 blocks to work with.

The very very light grey fabric that we chose to use as our background is reading just about as white as my design wall. It's not coming across to my eye as grey at all. But that's okay, I think it sets the colors off very nicely. It has a very unobtrusive white print on top of it, which is somewhat challenging to see when sewing, hopefully I'll get the right side showing on the blocks that I make.


Jaye said...

Your blocks look great! I was glad you got the file and it worked for you. It is fun to see the blocks made up and in some kind of order.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks, I'm pretty happy with how they look so far. The file worked perfectly with no problems at all, a big help. It is fun to see them all together. Off to a good start.