Sunday, July 03, 2022

Expanded LQS


A recent lunch meetup with friend Jaye led to us investigating the newly expanded quilt shop, The Granary. They've done a really great job with the new space, I found it was much easier to browse around and actually see the fabrics. The classroom section is separate now which is nice, as sometimes we would encounter a class in session and would have to squeeze past the students to get to various things. Their notions wall is awesome, sooo many rulers.

As you can see above I made some purchases. First is a QAYG (quilt as you go) printed pattern on quilt batting Christmas tree skirt. It's finally time to make one. Then a new 4.5' square ruler, from Quilter's Select, oh wow does this thing ever stick and stay. It just doesn't move, awesome. A black white dot print that reminded me of Yayoi Kusama. And then 4 yards of a grey print that we're using for our Pantone Project.
There was also a very cool op art print that reminds me of a puzzle I had in the 70's and a panel of Quilty tarot images that I couldn't resist. Metamorphosis as a skeletal hand holding a seam ripper while a butterfly looks on, and Strength as a lion with pins as whiskers, c'mon that's too good.


Jaye said...

So glad we were able to get together! Glad you like the Quilter's Select and I didn't steer you wrong.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Me too, it was super fun to hang out. The QS ruler is really working, the PP blocks will be much more accurate thanks to its stability.