Friday, July 01, 2022

July Time

 July time again, here comes the deep long heat of the middle of summer. Not sure I'm really ready for it, but it's here.

The above monthly marker is as per usual around here, a combination of two pictures in the app SnapSeed.

The first is of the painted Gelli Plate before I pulled a print.

The second is the finished Faux Goose Chase quilt top.

And then here's my 1SE video compilation for June, one second each day all mashed up into one 30 second video. I've been doing these for a year and a half now and they are quite fun to look back on. Definitely a small thing worth doing.

And finally here's my list of: What The Heck Did I Actually Do In June???  aka The Monthly I-Did

I figured out that the Dotsy table runner was too big for my table, so I sewed on a hanging sleeve.

I cut out and ironed and sewed and trimmed the second circles for the orange bullseye project

I got all of the quilting done on Courthouse Steps

I made and sewed on the hanging sleeves and labels for the Color Triptych and stitched down the facings.

I started making blocks for the Pantone Project.

I kept going on the Secret Lives of Color quilt a long (but still haven't posted it here yet).

I tried some new Gelli Plate printing techniques out.

I repaired two pillowcases by adding a double seam binding to the shredded edges.

I moved stuff around in my workroom so that I can see the whole design wall.

I made 30 Index Card A Day pieces using various media.

I very occasionally added to my Visual Journal.

I blogged here 24/30 days

So...not a huge amount, but still not even close to nothing.


Jaye said...

Definitely not nothing!! Really great progress. What about the facings? Didn't you do some facings, too?

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thanks! Ah yes, good point, I added that in.