Saturday, May 08, 2021

A House Full


Here's the aforementioned charm pack from Sewtopia I mentioned, all laid out to see the wonderful variety of colors and fabric types that were included.
There are some very charming prints in this selection.

It's very hard to choose my favorite (s).

Oh these owls. And those lovely oval dots.

Sewtopia suggested using this cute house pattern from Moda, but it requires 297 5" charms. They're hosting a sew-a-long which sounds fun and starts later this month. I really like the cute house pattern, so I started cutting more 5" charms out of my box of Japanese fabrics. I'm only partway through, but this only added 22 for a total of 86. That's a long way to go to 297. 

I may just make a smaller version of the quilt or do some repeats or solids. I love all the versions of this on this blog post from Moda and also in the Instagram hashtag #ModaVillage.  My first thought on this one is to have an ombre of background solids go from darker to lighter and back to darker. 

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