Saturday, May 15, 2021

Remembering The New

This is my new secret gardening technique, I'm taking pictures of the new plants I add to my garden.
It will also help me remember where I bought the plants, in case I want to buy more of them. This one with the homemade tag written out on a tongue depressor is from our local CSA farm, Camp Joy.
I also hope it will help me remember that I have new plants to water. If I see these photos in my photo roll on my phone, it will hopefully jog my memory,
And to have access to all the plant information that is printed on the labels of the pots that I then recycle. I used to try and peel the stickers off and put them in a gardening journal, but that usually didn't work because they aren't made to come off easily
It's amazing how quickly one forgets how big a plant is supposed to get when it's fully grown. Just this month I realized that a plant I'd planted is possibly going to be 4' wide x 8' tall and I put it in a much smaller place. So it likely needs to be moved before it gets much bigger. But to know that, I had to look up the plant online and research its growth characteristics. The place I bought it from sells a smaller version too, and I'm not sure which one I bought. Maybe the plant doesn't need to be moved? If I'd taken a picture of the pot label, then I'd know for sure.
It will also help to know what the new plant's name is, which really doesn't matter to anyone but me, but I like to know.

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