Saturday, May 22, 2021

Ground Broken on Village

 Actual construction has happened. Ground-breaking I know. Haha, as in starting to construct a village, you'd need to break some ground. A bad joke if you have to explain it, but anyway.

I cut out 5" charms from the Lecien stash and there was a whole lot of it, much more than I'd remembered. And on the whole it's quite a lot brighter and more saturated colors than the majority of the Bunny's and my other stash squares.

 So to test out if it was going to work, I put some of each up on the design wall alternating in order to Make Visual Decisions Visually (MVDV). I thought it looked pretty darn okay.

But to make sure it was really going to work it was time to make some actual blocks that combined the two types of fabrics. I made some with chimneys and some without and I think they look pretty good all in a row. I think the smaller pieces of the fabrics in the block, instead of the entire 5" charm square work out just great. I did some fussy cutting for the windows, if you look closely there's an owl, a panda, a mermaid and a cat looking at you. This is the light blue background fabric, which I might use for the whole quilt, haven't decided that yet.

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